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  1. Ah, so I need kind of a double circuit. So the Flashlight circuit "triggers" the tracker circuit. I will look deeper into this with my colleague and see how we get this working. Thx
  2. THX for the detailed answer, I will check the result of the calibration for the room setup.
  3. Hi, whats the best way to calibrate a tracker 2018? I want the z-axis value to be zero when the tracker is on the floor. Calibrating with the HMD and SteamVR, where i put both controllers on the floor, is not accurate. Sometimes up to 5-10 cm... (btw. do both Basestations have to be on same height level?) Calibrating only with the tracker and a Basestation is better, but I have to substract the height of the Basestation... Error is about 2-5 cm... I am confused, do I always have to fix this manually? Thx
  4. Hi, I've got a Vive Tracker 2018 and a Sony Alpha 7. The shoe on top of the camera is capable to trigger an attached flash light. My Question: Is it possible to use this electrical trigger signal with the Pogo Pins? This way the camera trigger would not only create a picture but also send a trigger signal with the Tracker simultaneously! Any ideas to implement this technique is appreciated! Thx.
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