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  1. If you take off the Vive headphones and use your own, route the cable over your headphone's ear piece and it should help with stability. As far as I've learned, the cable was the issue the whole time. If you turn a lot and don't keep an eye on your cable, allowing it to twist up badly, it will break the cable internally very quickly. So, in short, keep an eye on your cable and don't let it wrap up more than a couple turns or it significantly increases the chance of your cable breaking internally. And for those reading this thread, if you are experiencing the same issues, and are still in warranty, RMA the cable.
  2. I've had this issue with the Elite version and after sending it in for repair it is still happening. It's either the Converter or your Motherboard. That's what I've narrowed it down to and will eventually figure it out fully. Request a new Converter and Cable, that might fix it. If ASRock does not have an Advance/Cross-Ship RMA option, I will be buying a new CPU because ASRock takes forever to send you a board back and I need my computer for work too.
  3. I've had this headset for just over a Month Sunday (5/24) I launched VRChat as part of an event to check something out at about 1830. Ended up ditching it because it was boring. I world hopped around for a couple hours then got into Pavlov with some friends until about 2245 when the screen randomly went black and disconnected the headset, but the controllers were still working. I eventually recovered without doing anything but I lost my audio in the process and had to restart. Played another hour of pavlov thinking nothing really of it other than maybe a random bug with pavlov as I kept crashing which isn't uncommon in Pavlov. I then took a break to make food. I played VRChat for a couple hours and then the screen went black again, this time requiring that I close SteamVR and move to another port. After about 5 minute sit happened again. after about 5 more times of this happening between 5-10 minutes of being in VR, I started searching for a solution. According to HTC, the Vive Pro works great with the Inateck 2-Port USB PCI-E card. I happen to have just gotten an Inateck 7-Port Expansion Card. I plugged it in, but despite that Vive Console was saying "Please connect to a USB 3.0 Port or higher then restart the headset" I was playing VR games just fine for 4 hours before heading to bed. Monday (5/25) was great, and I had one disconnect/black screen but it came back quickly and I didn't lose audio this time. Played for a total of 8 hours with the little hiccup at the beginning. Tuesday/Wednesday (5/26-5/27) I have been having this issue where when I move my head it's like the world freezes for a split second then comes back. No grey screen or anything, just this weird stuttering type effect. Some key information: I installed the headset on the only USB 3.1 Type-A port I have and never moved it since the day I first set it up, yet it listed the audio with a "2-" meaning that for some reason it installed on another port (Read below for why this is important) But the Inateck USB PCI-E card that I moved the headset to, and never installed the headset on, was showing audio without numbers (meaning it was like that was the first port ever plugged into) The USB 3.0 ports on my board have a ton of disconnects but I had never used them before until Sunday night. The Inateck PCI-E 7-Port card I have is all 3.0 ports with SATA power plugged in for power All rear IO USB 3.0 ports were filled and a USB HUB plugged into the 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port next to the USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A port. Both 3.1 Gen2 ports are ran by the same controller I bought the Inateck card so that I could have more devices plugged into my PC such as a USB Mixer, DJ Controller, Camera, and other things as necessary (not all the time obviously) When I have the Headset plugged into the 3.1 port and I look in Device Manager, I see that a USB Composite Device is having an error (details posted below) Initially after the disconnects starting really getting bad I notice that the ASMEDIA driver for the 3.1 ports, that Windows downloaded automatically, were getting an error. I manually installed the drivers that came with my board. Now, why is the audio part so important? Well, when you plug in a USB audio device for the first time it installs the drivers and such, but registers that port as "number 1" meaning it does not get a number. When you move it to another USB port, it will get Number 2. Then Another port will get Number 3 and so forth. Why would the install of the Cosmos Elite show up on a port that was never plugged into as the "Number 1" port? So in short, I'm lost as to why after a little over a month of having a BRAND NEW Cosmos Elite would all these problems happen. USB Composite Device is clearly the USB Hub in the Headset itself as when I have the headset plugged into the port, I don't get any audio, and none of the Vive Cosmos MultiMedia stuff shows up, only NVIDIA audio ouput. The error I get is that the Composite device failed to load. The exact message I get is "usbccgp failed to load". But when I plug into any other port, including the Inateck ports, I don't get that error. The Inateck model I have is KTU3FR-5O2U What I have done so far: Reinstalled 3.1 drivers Uninstalled ALL Vive software and reinstalled it, including Cosmos Elite installer Reinstalled SteamVR Reset the headset several times Power Cycled the Link Box Unplugged everything (including from the actual headset itself) and plugging it back in. Using USBDeview to manually uninstall devices as suggested by Steam in a post they made for Vive products. My current guess as to what is causing this after trying a lot of things is either Windows has messed up a bunch of stuff, or the cable from the headset to the Link Box is damaged somehow. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I have yet to try formatting my boot drive but I'll only do that if I have to.
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