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  1. Yep, tried the following games: Bandit Point - no issues with two handed rifles and bows Zero Caliber - some issues with two handed rifles when using them for more than few seconds, no issues with sniper rifles though Blade and Sorcery - hands drop to the floor sometimes and also jitter sometimes too. No other issues though. Completed Hard waves, lots of fun. So overall I find it playable but the tracking is still quite subpar.
  2. I think the real problem is that Oculus sells their hardware at loss, they really undercut the market and they can afford it. Facebook have almost unlimited resources and can afford selling product at a loss to own the market. Besides they also sell exclusive games on their store to make up for the loss. I love Oculus products despite the whole privacy issue, however I reckon its not that the Cosmos is too expensive, but the Rift S is way too cheap. Quality wise though (materials and build quality) I think the Cosmos is way ahead of the Rift S
  3. So I managed to improve the tracking considerably by resetting my room setup, and in particular, by moving really slowly when turning left and right during the setup and aligning the guardian border with the walls where possible. Not sure if these steps actually help or it was just luck? Also, the new update seems to improve controller jitter too.
  4. Yes I have removed all stickers off the cameras and also wiped them down. I do have a somewhat reflective light right behind me, and my walls are creme coloured. During the daytime the tracking is better and most games are playable, but when its dark outside many games are almost unplayable. I wonder if the Cosmos doesnt like downlights or warm light,,
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