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  1. I think it would be awesome for the company to take responsibility for its failure of this product (not to mention all the revnue they collected) And except a trade in offer for the new face plate and controllers in exchange for the self-tracking face plate and controllers that ONLY works with that particular face plate..because of course we all know once you replace the face plate..those cool controllers that glow and gives you that "I am officially in the future feel" are @#^%$!! officially USELESS !!
  2. So i Finally got my Vive Comos..i had a oculus rift but the right earhphone band snaped inside so i decided to get a new headset.. Enters the Vive Comos !! I was actually excited then i turned off my lights and unlike a headset with a tracker is when i learned you need lights on all the time...Sooo make the longer story short i was forced to purchase the face plate ,PLUS a htc base station 1.0...No to mention the fact i just recieved GREAT NEWS!! NOW I HAVE TO PURCHASE TWO NEW CONTROLLERS!! YAAAAY because the money i just spent was just a waist apparently..SO Dear Developers can you please make my controllers useful? because we all know the self tracking ..yeah..we know how that went...sooo is it possible common folk as myself put some sort of use to the controllers?? having to purchase a new set of an arm and leg controllers is ridiculous dude... you guys could've at least designed you equipment to be more compatible...i'm so mad right now...
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