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  1. Hi Fink, I believe there is a slim facial interface on sale on the official website however it is now available in Australia. So instead i cut my own out of felt and it sticks to the cosmos and feels great.
  2. I disagree. I dont have many tracking issues with the cosmos and the latest beta patch. Yes, it's not perfect but it also depends on a game itself. For example, the walking dead onslaught works great on the Cosmos. I could sell it on eBay for about the same money I bought it for (O got a really good deal on it) but the Cosmos is the only PCVR headset available in Australia with the IPD adjustment. Other reasons I keep the Cosmos: 1. Amazing and colour accurate screen 2. Good comfort and FOV once I replaced the facial interface 3. Good sound 4. Possible future mods
  3. Update - I contacted the vive social support team as described in the pinned topic and got my six month subscription finally:) thank you!
  4. Hello, Im having some major issues with vive support. I contacted them about week ago in relation yo my issue: I only got 2 months of infinity subscription instead of 6. After multiple emails back of forth them asking for additional details and proof, I was told by their agent that the 6 month deal ended on 25/07/2020. However I redeemed the code PRIOR to that day and still DID NOT get the six months. Please help.
  5. Hello, I purchased Vive Cosmos about a week ago. All of my previous HMDs were Oculus, so I had some initial minor setbacks with steam vr, attempitng to use revive, etc. My main issue with the headset now though is the tracking. I get regular warnings, "Your environment is dark" and "learn how to improve your tracking" etc, and my main issues with the tracking are: 1. My hands seem to jigger, shake and change position constantly. Especially visible in Blade and Sorcery, I put the controller at arms length in front of me, and the hands and arms change position slightly every second or so. In some games its almost unplayable due to that jitter, for example Star Shelter on Viveport 2. In Blade and Sorcery, if i just stand straight with my arms relaxed next to my hips, in the mirror my charachter's arms tremble and shake and also sometimes become really long almost touching the floor. 3. Very difficult to pick up objects from the floor, tracking just goes haywire, evident in the game like Abode 2. I spoke to the support, and overall they were quite good and helpful, however none of their solution worked to improve the tracking. I also tried beta versions of vive software and steam vr. In my room I have four warm white LED celing lights, I tried adjusting the brightness but whatever I do, I still get the "dark environment" warning and tracking issues. Normally, I would probably just send the HMD back for a refund or try to sell it on eBay, however I really like the Cosmos otherwise - the visuals, the comfort and the expandable aspect of the HMD.. So Im really willing to try to improve the tracking..
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