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  1. Ok, nevermind on the second part about the callback, I just noticed this callback doesn't work yet. Looking forward to that functionality. Still wondering about the bad performance during calibration. @Daniel_Y
  2. Hey folks, I've been running into an issue when launching my calibration from my Unity application. Here's what I expect to happen: Click on the button in my application to launch calibration Calibration launches as overlay I go through complete calibration Calibration succeeds Here's what is actually happening: Click on the button in my application to launch calibration Calibration launches as overlay I go through complete calibration Calibration usually fails I am able to complete calibration by launching it from the SteamVR
  3. Makes sense. It's plugged in to the USB3 and the Vive device is also plugged into a 3.0 port.
  4. Sent you the logs. I checked my motherboard user manual, and don't see anything about whether it's xHCI or not (https://us.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z97S-SLI-Krait-Edition#down-manual). It might be worth noting that I'm plugged in to a USB on the front of my case, so the motherboard USBs probably aren't relevant anyway. Not a whole lot of really technical information available about the case USBs either. For what it's worth, I'm plugged in to a USB 3.0 port on the case. The case is an AeroCool-800.
  5. Ok, I MAY have figured out a root cause in my case. It seems to be related to having too many USB devices active. I noticed this error when I had my headset half on and half off while debugging just now. My guess is that the eye tracker was not able to initialize because the usb controller couldn't be loaded or something like that. The HMD was otherwise was working fine, but maybe the eye tracker was right at the threshold for me. I'm not sure HOW I managed to max it out, as I don't have 127 things plugged in to my machine, but I did a restart and unplugged a few phones and things, and it
  6. Well, bad news. After having it work for about 2 weeks, it suddenly stopped working again. I'm met, once again with Initialization failures, images of the "Move headset up" graphic, with the headset not moving anywhere and, a new thing, the headset not even showing up on the graphic, and instead it just telling me to move my headset to match with an empty dotted line. No idea what causes each of these states to happen, but I am not able to get calibration working either on my admin account, or otherwise. I also checked to verify in SRanipal got installed again in the wrong folder, and it d
  7. @TimmyVonMoerkel Unfortunately not. I was not in my Unity application when it worked the first time, I launched the Eye Tracker after a fresh reinstall in my Windows Admin account from the HMD / SteamVR menu. I was not in my application when I launched it, my application / Unity was not running at all. But after I had my successful calibration, I was able to go back to my non-admin account and run it both from the Steam VR / HMD and my application. I don't think I launched SRAnipal before I launched the calibration. I let the calibration launch it. One other thing I noticed was that even
  8. @Corvus Ok, I did a full wipe and reinstall, and it still did not work. I then did what @alwyuyang suggested and moved the SRAnipal folder to be in the x86 VIVE folder, and it still did not work. I THEN closed everything down, and signed into a sysadmin account on my computer with full privileges, and that worked. Even though I tried each combination of running both SteamVR and SRAnipal as an administrator on my account, that did not work. It wasn't until I went to the full admin account that it succeeded. After I succeeded on the sysadmin account, I went back to my account and ran it, a
  9. @Corvus I sent you a PM with the requested information. @alwyuyang I do not have any progress other than the logs showing it's not detecting my eye tracking sensors. No idea why it is not detecting them, the HMD is definitely a Pro Eye and it has the sensors around the lens. Hopefully something useful will come out of me sending my logs to Corvus.
  10. Yeah, I have the same problem. The eye calibration is not working properly, no matter what I do, it does not calibrate. Half the time it gives me the Initialization Failed problem, the other half it just hangs at the positioning part. It tells me I'm low, so I move it up until the headset isn't on my head. It tells me to move it in the frame, and the headset is pictured in the frame. Honestly, it looks like the gaze calibration is a pretty big issue at this point considering all of the various threads about it. I don't know what I'm supposed to tell my client other than the Vive Pro Eye
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