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  1. @Corvus Ok, I did a full wipe and reinstall, and it still did not work. I then did what @alwyuyang suggested and moved the SRAnipal folder to be in the x86 VIVE folder, and it still did not work. I THEN closed everything down, and signed into a sysadmin account on my computer with full privileges, and that worked. Even though I tried each combination of running both SteamVR and SRAnipal as an administrator on my account, that did not work. It wasn't until I went to the full admin account that it succeeded. After I succeeded on the sysadmin account, I went back to my account and ran it, and it succeeded again. So I have no idea what all is being done during the setup of the eye calibration, but it seems to need an account with full administrator privileges on the first go. I'm guessing it creates some stuff that a lesser account can use after it's succeeded once. The bad news in all of this is that this is a really poor workflow for commercial / research usage, as most companies and universities I know of do NOT allow their users to have full administrative privileges on their PCs. So even though I have succeeded getting it working on my machine and will be able to write the code and test it here, it's not likely to work on their machines due to this restriction.
  2. @Corvus I sent you a PM with the requested information. @alwyuyang I do not have any progress other than the logs showing it's not detecting my eye tracking sensors. No idea why it is not detecting them, the HMD is definitely a Pro Eye and it has the sensors around the lens. Hopefully something useful will come out of me sending my logs to Corvus.
  3. Yeah, I have the same problem. The eye calibration is not working properly, no matter what I do, it does not calibrate. Half the time it gives me the Initialization Failed problem, the other half it just hangs at the positioning part. It tells me I'm low, so I move it up until the headset isn't on my head. It tells me to move it in the frame, and the headset is pictured in the frame. Honestly, it looks like the gaze calibration is a pretty big issue at this point considering all of the various threads about it. I don't know what I'm supposed to tell my client other than the Vive Pro Eye you spent thousands of dollars on for your research doesn't work.
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