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  1. I had that exact issue with both the Vive Cosmos Elite (required) & the Vive Pro Eye (luckily not required) when I had the Vive software suite installed. Do you have Viveport & all of the other drivers that come with it installed?
  2. I'd really consider the Vive Pro Eye, as it has more overall features that could be useful in work environments in the near feature. Foveated rendering, eye tracking, wireless compatibility, excellent color/contrast, excellent black levels, & it's waaaaaay more comfortable than the Cosmos Elite. The only slightly negative attribute is the audio quality. The good news is that you can very easily adjust the overall EQ to match the Deluxe Audio Strap for the original Vive using Equalizer APO. Nudge the bass, scoop mids, boost the high end & you're more or less golden.
  3. I just wanted to let any HTC representative that might have possibly stumbled across my post that I've gone ahead and returned the Cosmos Elite with no intention of trying again. I've been using the original Vive since 2016 as many others, but if you don't take the communities feedback seriously, I'm sure there will be a mass migration very soon.
  4. It's strange I suppose... maybe it's due to Covid-19 & low sales? But either way I'm pretty content with my original Vive setup. I played Half-life: Alyx all night with excellent uninterrupted wireless performance, & overall higher reliability than the Elite. Another thing I missed was the OLED... It makes a HUGE difference. I could see the Pro being valuable in that regard.
  5. The cheapest I've found it is $749 (USD) on Amazon. Dell sells it for $799, & Microsoft sells it for $899. I really wish I could find it for $499... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Yeah, I've considered getting the Pro, but I'm a little concerned with HTC hardware at the moment. I mean, the resolution is roughly the same, it has OLED panels, and has an overall better form factor. The only concern I have with the Vive Pro is with the headphones... and cost. $549 is almost too expensive for just a headset (Cosmos Elite), so I'm having a hard time with paying almost $800 for a mild upgrade (Vive Pro). Hopefully HTC realizes that their currant platform isn't sustainable in the long game. I'd really like to see them lower their prices, as well as address & fix their hardware/software issues without penalizing the consumer with costly upgrades that should have been included at launch. That being said, I really love the original Vive with the pro strap, & wireless adapter. It's almost perfect, other than the obviously outdated resolution.
  7. I sound like a broken record, but you really shouldn't have to immediately mod such an expensive headset. It's unacceptable. HTC needs to address their faulty hardware before this gets too out of hand for them. I'm packing it up to return at the moment. The nail in the coffin for me happened just a moment ago. I decided to give it another try, but I realized that my moderately large head wouldn't allow the headphones to click into place no matter where I positioned them (I physically adjusted them many times ). They had clicked down before if I applied a ton of pressure, but I guess the mechanism didn't like being forced repeatedly. I'm 6' 2" which is tall, but it's not an unusual size... I'm also skinny as a rail. Well, it was fun to try it out I guess! Now I'll just wait for Valve to announce wireless support for the Index before I upgrade. THANKS HTC!!!
  8. It's unusual that they'd ditch the design, especially considering that the Valve Index took on the same form factor & received mass praise regarding it's superior comfort. I agree with the notion that the pro strap paired with the wireless attachment has an excellent balancing effect. I took it a step further and created a battery mount that tightly connected to the lower back of the pro strap. I mean, it's a slight death wish having a battery that close to the base of your skull I suppose, but my God was the balance absolutely perfect. I also neatly tucked away all of the cables, which felt incredibly liberating in games that required fast movement—nothing dangling. The Cosmos Elite looked like it should have been even more comfortable, but it just feels... awkward. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, Beat Saber felt impossible due to the sensitivity of the headset mixed with the slightly too loose halo design (even at max tightness). The combination caused the screen to jitter uncomfortably, eventually leading to nausea.
  9. I don't think Viveport itself is causing the hangups, stuttering, & crashing, but they've obviously added a handful of questionable new processes bundled with Viveport that seem more than unnecessary, especially given that the technology really hasn't changed since the original Vive (other than the addition of wireless of course). I haven't even played since the two days that I spent troubleshooting. I'm most likely returning the Elite as I'm not reinstalling Windows (my install is only two weeks old), I'm not changing my ecosystem, and I'm not ripping the headset apart to get mildly better FOV & questionable comfortable. The irony is that I've argued other enthusiast into the ground when they'd put HTC down for shoddy hardware & weird business practices. I even went as far as to explain why the Vive Cosmos Elite/Vive Pro + wireless + Valve Knuckles is the ultimate VR experience available today... I can honestly say that given it's current state that I was wrong. I'll stick with my original Vive for now, as it is actually incredibly solid. Better tracking, better comfort (Pro strap), better wireless functionality, and none of the visual distortion/hiccups, & the best feature is that it doesn't crash my entire system. I've never seen anything like it before—it doesn't even BSOD, it just... freezes. I have to hard cycle my relatively new desktop, which is my LEAST favorite VR feature provided by HTC to date. Anyhow, I really appreciate those offering their advice & sharing their experiences. Hopefully HTC can eventually provided better answers to not only mine, but all the other people experience what sounds like even worse hardware complications, specifically regarding the original Cosmos.
  10. I appreciate the advice, but to be honest, the fact that we as a consumer have to spend any time troubleshooting poorly optimized software that doesn't play well/corrupts our OS ecosystem, as well as having to dismantle a premium priced VR headset to get comparable comfort (lessor) & performance to a headset that's going on five years old is pretty absurd. Also, I don't use Cortex or any other system enhancing software. The only unnecessary applications installed all revolve around gaming (Steam, Origin, Epic, Viveport). That being said, I usually close out any unused launcher in task manager before I start a session. It would be nice if HTC would unlock the headset from Viveport—It would at least resolve the issues with inconsistent performance enough to help people along in feeling better about their purchase.
  11. I think the reason why I greatly dislike the halo strap is due to the fact that the headset is incredibly sensitive to any micro movement (Beat Saber brings out this defect rather quickly). Also, the fact that it doesn't hug the base of the skull keeps it from staying properly snug. Another clear indication that it isn't quite up to snuff is that if you look down quickly (not even quickly if we're being honest) the strap will gradually start to slip up the back of your head (and I have a gigantic head). I've also started experiencing numbness due to having it at maximum tightness (both forehead & back of head). The Pro strap had not one of these issues. Regarding CPU usage—Its not even putting a dent into my 3900x (12 core, 24 thread @ 4.6ghz). I have relatively over the top specs for gaming, so I'm not too worried about power. Most of the issues I'm experiencing only began after installing the Viveport software suite & switching over to the Cosmos Elite. I've spent an entire day troubleshooting both the hardware & software, but I've yet to find a solution as to why the headset tracks less accurately than the original Vive (especially regarding peripheral world movement). When it come to the lenses... I'm sure you could chalk it up to personal preference, but the amount of blur, as well as the increased godray effect is overriding my sense of immersion. And just to be clear—I have the headset as absolutely close to my eye as it will allow without physically modding the Cosmos (tried without pad, but it isn't a realistic solution).
  12. Yeah, it's definitely similar. There's just something off with how the headset tracks in comparison to the original Vive for sure. It feels less accurate at times. I played it all of last night, and while doing so I found even more strangeness—the software hangs up, glitches when transitioning apps in SteamVR. But the most frustrating error that I've encountered is the Viveport/Console crashing my desktop on exit... and just about every time at that. (Reinstalled multiple times). HTC has really disappointed me with how lazily they've thrown everything together. The headset feels cheap in comparison to the original Vive, the tracking is less accurate, the lenses are incredibly bad, the halo strap moves around even when it's tightened fully, the software is terribly bloated, & causes severe system instability/glitching. I was really excited to have a next generation VR experience, yet I feel like I'm spending more time fiddling with settings than experiencing anything worthwhile. MESSAGE TO HTC — GET RID OF YOUR AWFUL & COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY SOFTWARE. That one change would help those who still support you.
  13. I'm having multiple visual issues right out of the box... 1. Barrel distortion (or something similar) - It feels as though the lenses are warped around the edges, which causes the image to seem almost less 3D somehow. - When I turn my head the room slightly warps (causes motion sickness) 2. Accelerometer Jitter - The image shakes & jitters from very little movement (which also causes motion sickness) 3. The halo strap is vastly inferior to the pro strap... Just thought I'd throw that out there. I use the original Vive wirelessly almost every day, yet I hadn't experienced any of these issues until the Cosmos Elite. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My Specifications: Ryzen 3900X RTX 2080 Ti TridentZ Neo DDR4 3600mhz Sabrent Rocket m.2 1 tb (5000 MB/s 4400 MB/s Write) AsRock x570m Pro4
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