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  1. oh yea, upcomng vive-con better come up with some miracle and better price on this next VR they coming out with, or ppl not gonna be interested, i think the new upcoming PSVR2 is gonna be wireless like oculus, so maybe they doing the same lmao but not impressed with vive atm
  2. lmao, i agree, i recently bought a quest 2 with all upgrades except the elite head strap which im bout to get, and the grips u can put on the motion controllers that allows u to let go the controllers without the fact of that string around ur wrist, lol ive had the controller on the vive come out my hand while throwing something luckly i had that string on tho, but anyways i just gave my cosmos away, lol its not even worth $50 imo
  3. i actually modded my cosmos with the vive deluxe head strap lol, way more comfortable and better holding the weight too lol
  4. TomCgcmfc, i was close to doing that same thing, buy the valve base station and buy the knuckle controllers, but instead i bought the oculus 2 with almost all upgrades for it, bout to get the elite head strap, but imo this oculus 2 is way better visual then vive cosmos, and better apps like the wireless virtual desktop to play steamvr games, very AWESOME and 2 thumbs up, but on May the 11th vive is announcing a upcoming new VR lol
  5. ok, this is just ridiculous, cant even play medal of honor with out the guns slowing start turning on its own, especially if u try to aim down a rifle or holding and aiming with pistol, cant wait to get my G2 reverb
  6. only issue i have still on tracking is when trying to use a gun or bow, the controllers go out of wack when trying to draw a bow or hold a shoulder gun, kinda same when trying to hold hand gun with 2 hands lol not sure if thats even possible anyways but ive tried 😛
  7. Yea, i might end up getting the upgrade face plate later down the road when i have the room for the light houses, but until then ill be putting this HMD up bk in the box and i will be buying me a quest 2 or G2, maybe even the valve, sry HTC i gave yall the benefit of the doubt months bk, and yall still havent got the tracking right, its sad other VR's tracking seems to be working like a charm on every game just bout, even sad is the cv1 HTC tracking is better then cosmos lol, how bout replace the damn HMD with better one or offer the elite face plate for free to alrdy owners that still have their's, this is sad, now i see why u dont see many commercial's bout HTC phones LOL go figure
  8. yes, thats the only prob i see with the tracking is the over head tracking, no matter how slow u go
  9. yea, i just had to switch bk to standard from beta, while in beta im still having wand issues while moving over head, no matter how slow u move
  10. lol yall all complaining bout updates and crap like that, yet yall forget to remember this damn pandemic might have a issue on them getting this shit done, like supposedly they have less ppl working O.o
  11. you doooo realize the knuckle controllers for valve works wit the cosmos elite, u can google it and it will tell u that LOL, that's wat I plan on doing asa I get that mode, cuz imo the knuckle controllers are the best to use out of all the VR's, those controllers will change a lot bout the cosmos that it really needs, and yes this inside out tracking is BS, so using the lighthouses will make things way better on the tracking, kinda sad that oculus got their tracking down to the T in 6 months it was released, but I still have hopes for HTC, it hasn't been a yr yet that the cosmos came out, but if u was gonna come out wit a wired inside out tracking, y not just make it wireless like the (quest), other then that that damn halo strap freaking sux to high hell, after 30mins of play the bk of my head will go numb, but its all good ill manage to figure a way the wear this more comfortable at longer times wit out messing up the HMD, or atleast yall should of just stuck wit the dang (HEADSTRAP) from the first class vive, that headstrap looks so much more comfortable
  12. sry to impose but how long have u had that PC?? and if not that long, then id suggest do a complete reformat of ur puter and freshly install win 10 and be particular bout wat gets installed bk on the puter, ive had to do that to my cosmos not due to ur prob but had things alrdy on puter before hand that was causing background probs and had to reformat not long ago, its worth a shot tho
  13. LOL I like how some folks are quick to put down something that hasn't even been out a yr yet, no faith at all, basicly folks are saying that ppl at HTC are to lazy and stupid and sry to care wat we think or ideas we put out for them, lmao keep thinking that, and for those who think the tracking is worse now then at launch is sadly mistaking, ive been keeping up with the cosmos since before it was released and I will say THEY HAVE MADE ALOT OF PROGRESS, it takes freaking time to work these issues out, and on top of the pandemic, wth do u expect, ive even seen post of the rift s having problems or something someone doesn't like, but hey that's yalls opinion great others know how u think and feel lol, GOOD WORK HTC keep it up, yall will come on top, yall have a great and safe yr :)
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