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  1. This is probably the worst product i've ever bought for that much money and the software does 95% of making this HMD awful till today. I have to do a new room-setup for every times of day because of lightening conditions change. The stupid software refuse to log into the game even i just want to do sim-racing, so just need very basic motion without controller-tracking. The tracking of the controllers are worse than on release, but now saving too much battery instead. I will never ever buy anything from HTC and always will suggest people to go for other brands. Why it's not even possible to turn the room-tracking off so in can go sim-racing without your software-terror? Why i can't enable this most stupid piece of junk to connect to my games ALWAYS? But thanks to HTC i'm finished with VR anyway and play on my HG90 instead. It has even the better FOV.
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