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  1. It seems that everyone in Neos VR using the eye-tracker is having a large amount of CPU usage from SRanipalruntime. This amount varies between 8 to 25% per user. This CPU usage even persists while no longer using VR with the headset off. Interestingly, this percentage seems to be lower if mouth tracking hardware is installed. Small sample size, so this may just be coincidence. For myself, it is using 15-16% of my overclocked and water-cooled 10900k for eye-tracking only. I will be getting the mouth tracker when it is available to see if there is any change. Is it expected for the eye-tracker to use this much processing or is something wrong with the software? I confirmed that this happens before even launching a Neos. It will happen as soon as the eye-tracker is utilized. The eye calibrator will cause the same CPU usage.
  2. I've noticed that the eye-tracking software is causing a 25% increase in my frametime on my GPU (2080ti). Would it be possible to set this to use a second dedicated GPU? I know this is possible with the Azure Kinect for example.
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