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  1. Hi @aze and @zzy, Didn't get around to do a bug report, as we decided to start using 2019.2,which doesn't seem to produce the bug for some reason. We observed the bug on every version of Unity starting 2019.3, if it might help the Wave team.
  2. Thanks a lot for your help, I switched to the 2019.1 version in the meantime, works like a charm on this one without any code adjustments. I'll try to upgrade to 2019.3 later, and I created a bug report for Unity. Thanks again !
  3. Hello, Trying to integrate a "passthrough" feature that will emulate the passthrough feature accessed by the double tap on power button on the Vive Focus Plus, so I can use the image to setup the virtual environment for my users. However, we're running into a problem : when the application is launched, if the headset enters power saving mode and the application is paused, the camera doesn't work and update anymore. Unity version is 2018.3.0f2, WaveSDK version is 3.1.94. If anyone has a bit more stability with their camera usage in their application, I would love to know how
  4. So, I followed your advice for my next attempt, and I still get a crash about 10 seconds in. I built the app with IL2CPP targeting arm64. The scene is a completely empty scene with only a FPS counter. This counter goes down as soon as the hands start showing up. The crash source still seems to be a memory leak. I'm enclosing a new pastebin. https://pastebin.com/ZMHidGA2
  5. Hello @zzy ! I'm using the latest versions of both SDKs, so WaveSDK 3.1.94 and Hand Tracking 0.9.1. Here is a pastebin of my latest try with the application. https://pastebin.com/Py1iGWap Also, with further testing, I noticed that the application does not have this behaviour if I'm using the 3D Point rendering method.
  6. Hi, As the title implies, I would like to use Unity 2019 (version 2019.3.8f1) for my project, an application which would use hand tracking on the Vive Focus Plus. However, a few seconds after I start the application on the headset, it suddenly freezes and crashes. The same code, on a 2018 version of Unity, works perfectly. I would like to know if anyone had encountered those issues with the Vive Focus Plus and handtracking on Unity 2019, and what steps you took if you did encounter this problem. Have a good day !
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