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  1. "But it is much more comfortable and practical, at least for the purpose I described above." That is just subjective opinion of yours. No, this is medical obviousness. "No I can't, but I also wouldn't expect someone to open a gormet fried chicken restaurant next door to a, serve the same KFC chicken from next door just on a fancy plate and get away with charging 10 times the price." As you can tell my English is far from being good, but this sentence has no meaning for me. "This is exactly right, it's got to the point where there's whole gaming industries based on being c
  2. "..The experience in VR is very different, A HMD can draw as much as 5 watts of power, it doesn't seem like a lot but it can get to being radiator strapped to your face after just an hour." Try to convince a guy that is driving on a highway in the middle of the summer wearing black leather suit and full heavy motorcycle helmet that you don't recommend it 😉 "...But what is the immersive draw of VR? Being in the world? Yes but being in the world to many VR players and developers means your touch and movements having direct impact on the world, using k+m when there's this more visceral opt
  3. "I'm 300lb on a good day so I hope too that there will be more sedentary VR games..." Before current situation I had my crossfit trainings 3 times a week, and I'm quite feat. So no, laziness is not the reason behind my preferences 😉 "There's no way that you'll be in VR for 5-6 hours..." You will be surprised (16h in front of a monitor? back in a day it was not even a challenge). "the two games I can directly compare between PC and VR are minecraft and Portal 2. Both are better in VR but I wouldn't play them in VR if I couldn't interact with the world using the controllers,"
  4. Hi Johny, Thank you for replay. I have no problem with tracking the headset. On the contrary, I hope that's how looking around would work. I was playing for over an hour and I'm the lucky one because my brain has no problem at all. Mouse can be replaced by controller bot not keyboard. "But really even if the headset could offer what you're asking for the games aren't set up for those inputs. I don't think there are many if any titles that support VR and m+k that support both simultaneously." I have absolutely no idea why VR sets doesn't support at least two modes (room / ch
  5. Hi, Two years ago I was able to test HTC Vive and I was quite impressed how the technology was able to create a feeling of being inside of 3D engine environment. It was much more then I was expecting. But the rest of the equipment did not fit my idea of VR gaming experience. I did not understand the purpose of involving the rest of your body to participate in it. I did not understand the reason behind room scanning, moving around while playing, hands waving etc. I thought I would be able to have headset (as an PC monitor substitute), comfortable chair, hands comfortably lyi
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