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  1. "But it is much more comfortable and practical, at least for the purpose I described above." That is just subjective opinion of yours. No, this is medical obviousness. "No I can't, but I also wouldn't expect someone to open a gormet fried chicken restaurant next door to a, serve the same KFC chicken from next door just on a fancy plate and get away with charging 10 times the price." As you can tell my English is far from being good, but this sentence has no meaning for me. "This is exactly right, it's got to the point where there's whole gaming industries based on being copycat games." You can say exactly the same about movies, music, books and many other aspects of our life. But there is always a choice. "and games not as good as you would expected?" Are you kidding? Even the worst games I've played in VR are better than the average not VR games I've played. That explains a lot. We should end our discussion at this point. Thanks for your time. Enjoy your happy meal.
  2. "..The experience in VR is very different, A HMD can draw as much as 5 watts of power, it doesn't seem like a lot but it can get to being radiator strapped to your face after just an hour." Try to convince a guy that is driving on a highway in the middle of the summer wearing black leather suit and full heavy motorcycle helmet that you don't recommend it 😉 "...But what is the immersive draw of VR? Being in the world? Yes but being in the world to many VR players and developers means your touch and movements having direct impact on the world, using k+m when there's this more visceral option is less than ideal..." But it is much more comfortable and practical, at least for the purpose I described above. "So why are there none of these really ambitious games in VR yet? Is it because there's no audience? No, you clearly exist. But it might be because it's not worth making a game like that right now because the audience potential is too small." This is a very good point. But are you sure about your diagnose? Maybe the design is going in a wrong direction? Maybe the industry is trying to do something that is not possible (at least at this point)? Or maybe, as you mentioned the licensing is an problem? Or maybe all of those problems and many other makes this device not as popular as it could be, and games not as good as you would expected? It is not the price as VibrantNebula suggested. The HTC set prcie is actually quite good, especially compering to the rest of the PC hardware these days. And if it was more customizable on the software level I wouldn't even hesitate. I do understand the economy/revenue situation. But can you imagine that for example, only fast-foods would be operating, only because majority thinks it is tasty, cheap and better 😉 "I can see your point that you don't need the fancy hand controls to be immersive or to game but right now, to me, VR is the whole package, it's not your head in a screen it's all the controller stuff too. Anything you can play like that can be played without the need of VR at all." That is just subjective opinion of yours. @VibrantNebula "I think the gaming community is extremely guilty of stagnation - PC and console gamers often want the exact same thing year over year and it inhibits the adoption of newer and more advanced technologies like motion controls." I'm sorry but you wrong. Newer and more advance doesn't automatically make something better. There are tons of example if you are paying attention regarding history of technology. I can agree with you that motion controller, "gun" for example is way better than mouse in a game like Battlefield, but still you need to swiftly move your avatar in a comfortable for your body way. I know that people plays BF on consoles using game-pads, but it is like driving a bike with those tiny extra wheels in the back - and boy, how happy those children are 😉 "Alot of VR developers are tying to do something different - it's one of the few wild west's out there right now and I strongly believe the innovations occurring in this ecosystem will become the norm." I hope they realize that PC gamers like to have a choice and that we won't be neglected just because being smaller market 😞
  3. "I'm 300lb on a good day so I hope too that there will be more sedentary VR games..." Before current situation I had my crossfit trainings 3 times a week, and I'm quite feat. So no, laziness is not the reason behind my preferences 😉 "There's no way that you'll be in VR for 5-6 hours..." You will be surprised (16h in front of a monitor? back in a day it was not even a challenge). "the two games I can directly compare between PC and VR are minecraft and Portal 2. Both are better in VR but I wouldn't play them in VR if I couldn't interact with the world using the controllers," I would not play those games even if i could control them with my mind. I was thinking about something ambitious, with open world LIKE the witcher, mass effect (if FPP was available), maybe fallout if it was not made by bathesda or something like deus ex, system shock/bioshock. In my humble opinion TPP limits immersiveness more than kayboard for VR. "...But VR offers you instantly 18 different dimensions of freedom for you to see and manipulate the world, your head and each hand can move left/right, forward/backward, up/down, and each can twist/turn on each of those axis independently" And that is exactly what I am not looking for. I represent a group of people that do not understand why any one thinks that has anything to do with reality/immersiveness while we see it only as ridicules. Same with 3D or even XD cinemas that i just don't get it (yes, I tried them too). Seems like VR industry doesn't understand that sometimes simple solutions are much better then those complex ones. "I mean the simple things like being able to pick up a piece of VR debris from a table and study and manipulate it as though it's real, no matter what you do or how clever you map the controls you can't emulate that feeling of "this item is actually in my hand" with k+m, and it's not a big wave your arms about movement it's a simple natural gesture." No it is not, it is not even close. You are not picking up things in real life by holding silly controllers in your hands. If you could trick your brain like that, maybe it would have some meaning, but that would be a different technology, probably not involving any headset 😉 I do not see any problem by approaching an object with (WSAD/space bar/crt/c/z etc.) and picking up by pressing e/f or whatever you like. Not only it is automatic at some point, but when you are playing games you do not even notice it. I'm perfectly fine operating my sword by pressing button on mouse/controller rather swinging my arms in the air for no practical reason, even with all the obvious limitation. Why? Because it is more convenient. If that simple solution was provided in games I would buy entire VR set even though I wouldn't be using half of the junk coming with it. "...yet there's a million small things you can do that would be flattened by a k+m setup." I know, you do no have to explain me the basics, I just don't need those features for GAMING, and I'm not the only one.
  4. Hi Johny, Thank you for replay. I have no problem with tracking the headset. On the contrary, I hope that's how looking around would work. I was playing for over an hour and I'm the lucky one because my brain has no problem at all. Mouse can be replaced by controller bot not keyboard. "But really even if the headset could offer what you're asking for the games aren't set up for those inputs. I don't think there are many if any titles that support VR and m+k that support both simultaneously." I have absolutely no idea why VR sets doesn't support at least two modes (room / chair). I would say it is even logical if you are siting at your desk and playing an FPP game the last thing you want to do is waving your hands in the air for 5-6 hours 😉 "You'll also probably be disappointed by the step-down in resolution in some respects if you're treating VR like a monitor replacement, VR really isn't there yet for a number of reasons." I have tested HTC and one console set and I'm aware of disadvantages. The illusion created by the headset compensate it all. "...one of the most immersive aspects of VR is interacting with things using the hand-waving and body moving stuffs." And that's the point that some PC players will disagree with you. I was almost convinced till I have tried it by my self. I understand those features you are talking about have a lot of enthusiasts, especially among children but not for me. And reading lots of comments on internet you will see that I'm not the only one. I have seen entire constructions for walking and running with VR sets and for me it is just ridiculous. I'm still hoping that VR sets will provide mode that is focused on comfort and least physical activity possible. If not today, than i guess i will have to wait 😞
  5. Hi, Two years ago I was able to test HTC Vive and I was quite impressed how the technology was able to create a feeling of being inside of 3D engine environment. It was much more then I was expecting. But the rest of the equipment did not fit my idea of VR gaming experience. I did not understand the purpose of involving the rest of your body to participate in it. I did not understand the reason behind room scanning, moving around while playing, hands waving etc. I thought I would be able to have headset (as an PC monitor substitute), comfortable chair, hands comfortably lying on my desk operating mouse and keyboard. So I could play my favorite games (of course FPP view is a must). I know that back then it wasn't possible due to the hardware limitations and lack of supporting m+k titles. How does it look today? Does any one have experience that would like to share?
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