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  1. I am wanting to us the SRanipal functions on systems with and without eye tracking capability (on the Vive-without-Eye systems it falls back to nose tracking). The issue is that I am the only one on the team that can make a build that works (I assume) because I am the only one with a Vive Pro Eye. This is not optimal on a team with 6 developers who want to be able to build our app. If @Daniel_Y, @Corvus, or @Jad have any suggestions I would love to hear them. @Hank_Li ------>Ari
  2. Yes, it does-- if it is built on a machine with a Vive Pro Eye. Eye tracking does not work at all when the build was performed on a machine with no HMD and then run on one with a Vive Pro Eye. ----->Ari
  3. We have a medium sized team building an Vive Pro Eye-enabled app. The people doing the final builds are not necessarily the ones who have access to the Vive Pro Eye (especially since we are all working under shelter-in-place). We are having trouble getting the builds to work with eye tracking when built with systems without HMDs. We have installed the SRAnipal runtime on those systems and yet the builds still aren't working. Is there an obvious set of files or data that we can transplant to make this work? ---->Ari
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