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  1. @Corvus For me it seems to work better in 4.22 than 4.23! In 4.22 I got the v2 to work, it tracks eyebrows well in the beginning but then seems to lose tracking a bit. Gonna try to darken my eyebrows a bit to see if that helps (they're pretty light naturally, so figure it's worth a shot). In 4.23 the face disappearing was also an ongoing bug in both tests, but with v1 I just needed to restart to get it to pop back in. Haven't had any similar trouble in 4.22 yet so very promising! Just thought I'd update you, thanks for your help so far!
  2. @Corvus Do you know if it's certain to work in a different engine version? I can easily switch and do a test as well 🙂
  3. @Corvus I was told about this and would love to try it, but I've never gotten the v2 test to work in my build. When I VR preview there's just nothing where there should have been a head. I've tried both test scenes, as well as swapping the v1 scene (where the v1 head works) to v2. Still got nothing...using 4.23. I'm used to blueprints so it hasn't been very easy for me to debug this stuff... Do you have any advice? Thank you for responding!
  4. I'm using the SRanipal Unreal plugin and I noticed the test avatar does have a blendshape for frown as well as blendshapes for wide eyes (that makes the brows arch a bit) but neither of these activate on my face. I'd think at least the wide eye one would work so what am I doing wrong? Would also love to know any detailed info on tracking the brows in general, as I notice the camera probably doesn't catch much brow movement but it would maybe technically be possible to have it track the furrowing skin between the eyebrows? I'm making a thing for a specific use case so it doesn't have to wo
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