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  1. @Corvus Thank you for your help. I will look into that troubleshooting thread to see if any of those proposed solutions work, and I will post updates here if anything works.
  2. @Corvus Correct, I have admin rights on the PC and have been running the runtime as an admin. I just ran the runtime again as an admin, and the robot eyes turned orange and a USB icon showed up called "EyeChip". However, the USB icon disappeared automatically a few seconds later, I heard a Windows disconnecting sound, and then the robot eyes turned black. I then tried saving the Pack Log and it did not save again.
  3. @Corvus I am currently running Version I just uninstalled and reinstalled the runtime (still Version but the Pack Log is not saving properly. Also, the Eye Camera Version is: 1.88.0-810667 if that is helpful at all.
  4. Thanks for the reply @Corvus I have tried selecting several different folder destinations to save the Pack Log, but it still does not save to my computer.
  5. Hello @Tony PH Lin Thank you for the suggestion! I am just having difficulty saving the Pack Log. I right-click on the SR_RunTime Icon and select the "Pack Log" option as you suggested. After I select where to save the Pack Log, I get a message saying "Save Completed". However, the file is never generated. I have tried searching my computer for the "ViveSR_Log" but cannot find the file anywhere. Have you encountered this error before or have any suggestions? Thanks again :)
  6. @Corvus Thanks for the reply! I am not able to interact with the eye calibration button. I hover over the button and click on the controller but there is no response. I also have a similar issue to the original post by @River123 with the robot eyes on SR_Runtime starting off as red and then becoming blank after a few seconds. I also tried running SR_Runtime as an administrator and running the eye calibration manually as an administrator with no success. I do not have access to the computer at the moment, but I know the system specs are compatible with the HTC Vive Pro Eye. I am planning on contacting the manufacturer later this week to see if this is actually a hardware issue. I will keep everyone updated as I work through this issue. Thanks again for the help so far; I really appreciate any help I can get since I have been struggling with this issue for a while now.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm having the same issue. Tried all the steps in the eye calibration troubleshooting thread from the link above. Are there any updates with this bug? @Corvus
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