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  1. Ok, that's what I had assumed. Any idea when we get our hands on it? @chengnay @Tony PH Lin
  2. I noticed the same behaviour on my system if I'm running Oculus Link. If I disable it then it works fine. Are there other explanations? We tried several approaches to isolate the NVidia card. We can try the Bios change, but I would like to know what specifically can cause this error so that we can try to diagnose it.
  3. I can confirm that we're seeing the same behavior after a reboot.
  4. Ok thanks, I'll check with the dev to make sure he rebooted.
  5. Using the latest NVidia driver, so I don't think it's actually a driver problem. (We've tried a few others.) Dell G7 with RTX2060. Is the source for the driver available anywhere that we'd be able to take a look and try to diagnose this? Any known issues using dpServer that may cause this? We're using the latest Wave SDK.
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