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  1. I saw a video and it mentioned that the Vive Cosmos is being discontinued. Something about HTC is moving away from consumer VR and entering enterprise VR.
  2. Just picked up the Quest 2 and holy smokes! I finally know what it feels like to play Pavlov without drifting of the wands. I can finally get a positive K:d in the game. I'm finally having fun in VR. Shame on HTC.
  3. Update is better but that doesn't say much, especially compared to other VR headsets like valve index or Rift S. It's a good direction but consumers definitely don't deserver this type of treatment. Tracking is still terrible with 2 handed rifles for games like Pavlov. Third party rifle stock companies won't even make a rifle stock for the Cosmos bc the tracking is so bad.
  4. If I did this bad in school, teachers would give me an F
  5. Well ya i guess if you put it that way, sure why not... they're allowed to release updates and not having any of them address the biggest issue about the cosmos. Who am I really? Just 1 consumer. $700. That's a drop in the bucket to them.
  6. tried any guns that require 2 hands or bow/arrow?
  7. I dont think htc should offer free upgrade. They should do the following in my opinion- -fix the damn tracking. this shouldve been done months ago. no excuses at this point. -recall and full refund -allow significant discount with trade in for cosmos to elite -allow current cosmos users to swap wands and face plate and pay for base station out of own pocket.
  8. I'm just going to sell it and buy the valve index. HTC sucks big time. No accountability. Someone needs to sue.
  9. Tracking still sucks. Cosmos still sucks. Recall or upgrade the consumers asap!!!!!!
  10. First day of using the Vive Cosmos, I could not aim for #$@# while playing on Pavlov. I thought it was a ME issue so I went online and found out about VR gun stocks. I searched and searched and searched but could not find a VR gun stock maker for the Vive Cosmos. I asked one of the manufacturers why a gun stock was not made for the Vive cosmos, they replied that they did tons of testing and concluded that the Vive cosmos tracking was so bad that not even their gun stock could help. Then they recommended me to purchase the 1st generation occulus citing that though its cheap, the tracking performance is way better compared to the cosmos. HTC goofed big time. They profit while consumers eat dust.
  11. Seems like no one wants to give an opinion on this.
  12. This thing is basically unusable for any games that require 2 handed rifles or scopes... which are basically the only games I bought and enjoy playing. I just heard that there are upgrades being released where I'll have to shell out another $600+ for the wands, base station and face plate. I might as well just buy the cosmos elite for an extra $300 and sell this junk cosmos to an uneducated VR buyer like myself. Were all of the amazing advertisements claiming the Vive cosmos being accurate just lies? There has to be consumer laws that holds HTC accountable for releasing a piece of junk. Class action?
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