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  1. Thank you all for your response. I may hope for Vive to update firmware or tracking programming or may look to sell my current Cosmos and buy a Cosmos Elite. I probably shouldn't save the AUD $500 by choosing Cosmos over Cosmos Elite in the first place. However, I caught a good discount one an website back in April.....
  2. Hi, I have recently upgraded my PC to AMD 3600 , 32GB ram and GTX2080 Super. It runs all VR games in High Quality fine. I have noticed great increase in resolution for Half Half Alyx or other high end graphic games. However, like most other users in the forum, I experience occasional mis-tracking issues. I noticed it at start with Beat Saber but it became an issue trying to aim in Half Life with my hand steady (or at least I think it is steady enough), the AIM may float. Software wise - is there anything I can do to improve the algorithm in tracking calculation with the cameras? Hardware wise - am I able to purchase 2 tracking stations (whether HTC made or external parties to be used in conjunction with Steam VR) to allow better tracking accuracy and also full body movement tracking? (This is to allow me to put avatar in beat saber in 3rd person view or videos rather showing only 2 hands) I am not sure how supportive it is to upgrade Cosmos into Cosmos Elite which comes with tracking stations by paying roughly AUD $400.00. At the end of the day, all I want is a good VR gaming experience hopefully with little motion sickness. Much appreciate all feedback and suggestions. James
  3. Got my new PC. It increased the resolution GREATLY and i realised how clear my VR picture can be. just WOW. On another note, I have been looking for accessories for VIVE Cosmos. Controllers do not have enough resistance / grip after some 30-1 hour usage of beat saber. On some fast and big movements, I am feeling the controller will fly out. I hope that there will be a gel / rubber cover to increase resistance for better grip. Also, I hope that I can add tracking stations for body motion tracking... Is there a way to achieve that with Cosmos?
  4. I am currently running GTX 1650 with i7 2nd gen. 8g ram. Computer is old. I have placed an order for RTX3700 + 2080S hopefully arriving next week. Hope that it will have much better resolution through lenses.
  5. One last question, currently when playing Half Life and No Man's Sky, the resolution from VR end is very low. No Man's skyk has non-VR version and the resolution, details are much better. I assume it is because my graphic card is just barely coping with VR. Will a better graphic card 2080 Super improve the resolution in VR lenses? (it will be my excuse to upgrade PC and also for better experience for my wife playing beat saber while I am forced to limit myself browsing websites only)
  6. Hi, I have enjoyed Vive Cosmos recently acquired. While waiting for my rechargeable batteries to arrive, we burnt through 16 batteries in 1 week. I now have an issue with the view, seems we are always looking up rather than looking straight ahead. Is there anyway to fix / adjust it? Moreover, when playing beat saber, we understand that faceplate tracks the controller via the lights and it uses motion prediction. It caused some issues not cutting the notes properly. I wonder whether we can buy base stations in the future to use in conjunction with Vive Cosmos for better accuracy tracking and also potentially take videos of us playing the game with green background in the future like we saw streamers do. Thanks, James
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