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  1. @JohnyDL Thank you so much for explaining all this. The lighthouse tracking does seem like it might be better to get at this point. I didn't know the ranges it would require. Much like the Kinect for the xbox I did some of the kinect games but there was times where i had to duck and it went under the viewing point. So i didn't think lighthouses would be essential in small spaces. I suppose if i move one of the chairs i would have a much bigger area to move in. I think i may lean more toward getting the lighthouse tracking over the cosmos inside out tracking due to the many many tracking issue reviews i've seen. I was looking to essentially hope that the Vive Cosmos has been fully fixed to the point of the tracking being near flawless but it seems that's more able to run with the lighthouse tracking. Alyx was a game i really am looking forward to, Not to mention beat saber, arizona sunshine was a game my friend wants me to play with him and you're right, games have been slowly increasing with VR support. Also I noticed that games like Hellblade have also got VR updates that have also peaked my interest. Again thank you for the feedback, it's really helping influence my decisions on getting the set! Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, As for myself, i talked with an HTC person and you're right the face plate isn't available "Yet", but you can see it in the accessories. I would really love to have the lighthouse set up but unfortunately i dont have the room to have the set up. Much like you, I also suck at working out. I typically swim a lot during the summer but once winter hits i'm huddled inside constantly hahaha. So i can completely understand where you're coming from! Boxing, Beat saber, some of the horror games, Half life Alyx, and a few other games have caught my eye. As i primarily work from home i'm constantly stuck inside doing graphic design or commissions for people. Also i'm not much of a gym person either so again, yeah i will be using it for similar purposes as you. As for your feedback, I really appreciate it! By the means of stuff i've heard it's has been making me worry a bit about the purchase, however HTC does make some really good technology and i do have faith in them as developers of the tech thats coming out. I do play a lot of games out of VR so if i do end up loving it as much as you, i'd feel it to be a happy frustration because at least i know my money was well spent! 😄
  3. Hi, I'm brand new here, The aspect of Virtual Reality really interested me, as i saw my friend with a Vive (original) play blade and sorcery on steam. The Vive when it debuted on steam blew my mind but the price tag was a bit much. As time went on i see the Vive Cosmos, i read into a lot of it. The ability to eventually upgrade to light house tracking i feel is a huge plus but because of my current set up i'd need internal tracking. About 30 youtube video reviews, numerous things on the forums i noticed were all dated last year, So i wanted to ask the community here, do you all recommend the Vive Cosmos? Have they fixed the issues with it? and ultimately what is your personal experience with it? Thank you for your time and replies 🙂
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