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  1. Is your GPU driver on 451.48? I heard that this version can cause HDCP issue on the headset including Index. Try rolling back (DDU) to previous GPU driver to see if the error code still persists.
  2. Hi Bubomb, Your issue reminds me of the one I saw on Reddit, and this guy's solution is to turn off the power management for the controllers. Hope it could resolve your problem.
  3. Hi SanityGaming, I don't have the card on my own but looking through the spec listed on the website, I think you will run Elite just fine with this card. Lexi
  4. Now if you switch back to Cosmos OG face plate, the Cosmos mic will reappear? That's kinda weird. I thought the mic is embedded in the headset itself not the plate.
  5. Hi cloclo, I'd suggest you visiting X-plane forum to report the issue. https://steamcommunity.com/app/269950/discussions/
  6. Hi nickakathatguy, I happen to have Vive and Cosmos Elite with wireless and I notice that even though these two relies on lighthouse tracking, there's still slight difference between them. The Elite version has slight unstable image observed especially when swinging the headset side to side which i rarely saw on Vive. Don't know if it is the same thing happening to you regarding to 2. Lexi
  7. Hi Sjunin, What do you mean by ""don't work'"? I tried the content with my cosmos and I didn't see controller problem except for some tracking issues 😛
  8. I have the opposite problem that when i finish adjusting IPD, the windows sometimes would not disappear that I lost my patience.
  9. Current eGPU box only connects the laptop with thunderbolt, so it seems like your only choice is to buy another PC for the headset. QQ
  10. Hi, Does this issue happen in every content or just certain ones?
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