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  1. hey i had this exact problem but with project cars 3, been a couple of others but that the only one i remember. Ok so for me this was because i had turned on Hardware accelerated gpu scheduling in windows. so if you have that enabled go ahead and disable it and see if that fixes it, if you dont have it enabled then i have no idea sorry
  2. @C.T.Ok just fired up these drivers on my cosmos and they default the steam vr res to 3372x3988 steam says this is 150% scale, wiped and reinstalled steam vr beta and got the exact same thing, i had to turn it down to around 28% scale to match what i used to run it at before
  3. Yep downloaded and verified and installed now 🙂
  4. submitted and a screenshot of the trace number for you
  5. just under troubleshooting in the console?
  6. just to add everytime i hit try again the download grabs just a few kB of data then fails
  7. got a notification on my vive console this morning of an update and it has the about 80mb section it just cant download and then fails to install. have uninstalled everything then tried to reinstall everything and same thing happens, running a cosmos on the beta and openxr preview program
  8. So i'm curious steams latest beta added per-app settings for overriding automatic throttling and prediction behavior but clearly states that these settings are only available to headsets which use SteamVR’s compositor (e.g. Index, Vive) This would be a HUGE benefit for me as i am running my Cosmos on a 3080 and quite often have games with low fps but only about 60% gpu usage. So my Question is why cant i use this feature? Is the cosmos not officially part of the Vive family? is there going to be a way we could use this?
  9. Probably not the most helpful of comments but i have been having USB troubles for the last week with almost everything on a x570 mobo. looking online i see a lot of complaints about them being under powered so i had to buy a powered usb hub to connect everything to. Only thing I didn't have issues with was my VR because i had that going through a USB 3.2 adapter to USB c and had the connected straight to my GPUs USB C port. not the ideal solutions but maybe one of those options might help
  10. rRceived my cosmos the other day and overall quite pleased with the experience, however if i enable motion compensation through the Vive console i get massive artifacting and the screen will flicker an almost full screen of artifacts every now and again. works perfectly when not using motion compensation though. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers and software to no avail, is this a known issue or is it just me
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