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  1. So i'm curious steams latest beta added per-app settings for overriding automatic throttling and prediction behavior but clearly states that these settings are only available to headsets which use SteamVR’s compositor (e.g. Index, Vive) This would be a HUGE benefit for me as i am running my Cosmos on a 3080 and quite often have games with low fps but only about 60% gpu usage. So my Question is why cant i use this feature? Is the cosmos not officially part of the Vive family? is there going to be a way we could use this?
  2. Probably not the most helpful of comments but i have been having USB troubles for the last week with almost everything on a x570 mobo. looking online i see a lot of complaints about them being under powered so i had to buy a powered usb hub to connect everything to. Only thing I didn't have issues with was my VR because i had that going through a USB 3.2 adapter to USB c and had the connected straight to my GPUs USB C port. not the ideal solutions but maybe one of those options might help
  3. rRceived my cosmos the other day and overall quite pleased with the experience, however if i enable motion compensation through the Vive console i get massive artifacting and the screen will flicker an almost full screen of artifacts every now and again. works perfectly when not using motion compensation though. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers and software to no avail, is this a known issue or is it just me
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