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  1. I'm pretty sure it is a server-side issue, as I did try downloading a free game off the store to test out if it's something else. Downloading that free game was quick at 8MBps. I believe that the issue is with the program configuration itself, and that if HTC were to provide a way to download those files separately, there wouldn't be an issue at all.
  2. No, I still haven't received any information on how to fix it. But we do have the exact same issue, so once I hear back from support I'll post it here.
  3. The exact same thing is the issue I'm having. Either that or the extremely slow download rate for the Cosmos software.
  4. I need a lot of help with this issue. I downloaded and installed the Vive and Viveport programs, made an account, basically did everything it asked me to do, but Viveport either fails to download the Cosmos Software and setup files, or tries to do so at an extremely low speed, barely downloading 200kb in 20 hours. Downloading a game off Viveport is fine, as it downloads at up to 8MBps. CPU: Threadripper 1920X GPU: Radeon VII OS: Windows 10 Pro 32GB DDR4 RAM
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