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  1. Can we please have an option Cosmos Elite for the Passthrough to mixVR with a Transparency slider? So I can still see VR but also see Reality. Same with Camera Reality, if we could have a Contrast and Brightness slider option. Really good improvement in this version of passthrough quality and brightness though. Thank you Vive Team for all your hard work. I use NeosVR a lot. I also use Blender, controlling Blender via Desktop in NeosVR and others is not so viable. Right now I switch back and forth between passthrough use Blender then VR use NeosVR, sometimes the toggle does not happen or sometimes not immediate. However if I can see both VR and Reality, then my true power shall be unleashed!
  2. I run the Elite playing tons of games fine on a 1660TI but I have an 8 core system. I would not go any lower for CPU than a i7 9700K 8 core it sounds as if your issue is CPU overload. Focus on bumping that CPU, then a new card after prices drop as I am..
  3. Yes it's still overexposed Cosmos Elite, have to look directly at a keyboard n get close to clearly see the lettering. But i bet if doing a transparent passhtrough over a game overexposure might help, please this, please. yes I am on the beta
  4. Anyway we can get a partial passthrough I.E. Game environment 75-90% with passthrough ovelayed transparenc via a slider option in Vive Console? Also brightness seems the same after update
  5. It does not work with steams options yet. You doubleish click the button on the HMD, either steamhome menu popup or it'll go to full camera mode, warning it's bright.
  6. I also cannot find the OpenXR option
  7. Dear god how do I turn down the brightness OMG what a beauty though. Can't wait for integration with Steams Camera Settings or a Transparent view mixing VR/RL My Camera button on Console is still grey and unselectable
  8. @cusa123 & Iam2018 please take the whining to another topic, this is about Beta Software changes, not Original Cosmos physical design flaws whining.
  9. @C.T. Does the Camera work yet for Elite or is it just the Options are viewable but not Enabled? When I attempt Test Camera I get Communication Failed, however as my video above shows Hand Tracking works
  10. OMG I just saw this Hand Tracking SDK tucked in here. Just updated to Beta, turned on the requireds and have Hand Tracking Alpha in Neos VR Thank you folks at Vive for unlocking this feature I don't care but the Beta/Alpha bugs this is amazing. I love you all so much!!! Not sure if it's enabled yet but none of the Camera side like room view or room edge and such seem to work, the camera communication fails. But thank you soooo much!!! Can't wait til the next update finally I get my full powers!!!!
  11. @C.T. Can teams kindly activate this even if its really lame, I am a graphic designer, and this single inability of pass through is restricting my use. As of yet Blender does not have full VR creation support just View. Would really love to be able to see keyboard on my desk while in VR using Desktop OVR apps. For instance be in NeosVR/Sansar/VRchat, bring up any OVR place a Desktop screen in front of me inside the VR platforms and see my SADES Lefthand only keyboard with Blender mapped shortcuts, regular keyboard, and mouse under it. At the moment i have to setup windows in OVR tools that show Photos of my keyboards, mouse and manually find and place the windows in the room coordinates of my OVR space, but is not the same. And has to be resetup each time I load into VR. Passthrough would allow me to work in VR and socialize as well as interact better with my customers. Passthrough could even be locked to a low refresh rate i won't care, just need to see relative position of my hands to keyboard not play catch with a ball in Reality with my head buried in VR. I figured Elite would have this capability when I bought it, until this is added I spend all my time in Desktop and barely use my VR due to it. Please ask the Devs to do a SteamVR beta and Vive Beta for the Elite passthrough, I'll take whatever they have and can report issues/testing. Don't tell me to flip up my headset, release the passthrough even if it is wonky. Please free me from desktop as you promised with this headset!
  12. Question on headset power cycle If SteamVR/Vive Console are disabled/not running and HMD plugged in, is the HMD itself still have power on creating heat/wear and tear? Should i be unplugging Power to HMD if not using it overnight or for a few hours? --+> If so add a power switch to the Power/HMD converter box in the future - pref one toggleable via the PC....
  13. On occasion in Vive Beta {Non-Beta SteamVR} when exiting steamvr the screen locks on Monitor, only way to fix is toggle monitor on/off again and get window from SteamVR complaining of crash asking restart or quit when monitor turns back on.
  15. BlenderXR is the same person making Autodesks Marui plugin https://www.marui-plugin.com/blender-xr/ Guess it's the best then. Just gotta wait for additions of Properties on a wrist window, and Texture drawing. autodesks maya plugin https://www.marui-plugin.com/marui3/
  16. What would be the best Apps or combination of Apps to use for creating 3d models. I normally use several Apps such as Blender (already training myself on Murai plugin), GIMP, Substance Painter. Anyone have any other suggestions, that allow me to create in VR and export industry standard models. Industry Standard = Low Triangle poly count. A lot of sculpted creation programs generally export at extremely high poly count, and would require too much work to cleanup.
  17. Thanks I bought some gels for the Wands, and I have a 3d Printer and found a vive Wand protector I can print. Need to remodel it though the design looks extremely flawed in that it will block sensor inputs. I have yet to bump the headset.
  18. I want to protect mostly the Wands, due to my ineptitude... I have been looking at skins, does the Elite Faceplate style match the Vive or should I only get Wand Skins?
  19. Is it possible to hand track with the cosmos elite?
  20. I am trying to figure out if I will get mine in time or if I am now in backorder. My order still says Pending Fulfillment today, but I purchased mine last night. Will my order say back ordered if it ends up being the case? @jagibson
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