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  1. Hi I didn't even know the cable from the HMD could plug in the way you've demonstrated. Thanks for showing me that! It looks like that cable in your picture is ok over here, and the cable leading out of the headphone driver is is the one that is cut. So I will suggest that to solve this, as soldering didn't work. 😞 Thanks for the reply too 🙂
  2. Hi A friend handed me a Vive Cosmos headset and showed me that he had cut one of the headphone wires when he was unpacking. Thinking it could perhaps be soldered back together, I took it in. I'm just hoping to learn whether repair is feasible. Splicing back the outer sheath, the copper seems to be a mix of normal copper colour, green and white wires threads. I was just wondering if anybody knows: 1. Whether soldering to repair is an option, and 2. If the wires inside the sheath are all the same type? The image attached attempts to show what I mean. Despite being out of focus (apologies), you can just make out the green wiring among normal copper. Richard
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