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  1. just so that its clear the elite faceplate doesn't come with anything? like is it literally just the face plate, I know you have to either buy or have the base stations and wands but what about the cords and link? or am I ok if I have an og Vive and just put the faceplate on is my cosmos good to go?
  2. since the discontinuing of the og vive prices for them have sky rocketed they are being advertised for 1300 aud atm and its really hurting the used market id be lucky to find a used one for under 1000 its fucking ridiculous tech is not supposed to get more expensive the older it gets. I got a cosmos that I want to upgrade to elite and there is still no financially reasonable solution to do it and these scalpers are causing a massive trickle down effect on the used market so that option isn't available either i meen ffs you where selling refurb vives for like 750.
  3. you bought it from a ebay seller then second hand or new?
  4. so we got an cosmos elite bundle, we got a face plate coming and the elite headset stand alone are we going to get a face plate bundle? Because that's a lot of individual tech early adopters to the cosmos series have to buy to improve their tracking experience particularly if you don't own a vive og. If the cosmos elite bundle is $1699(aud) and a cosmos without a face plate is about $750 (the elite headset $1099 minus the face plate $349) so $1699 - $750 = $949 worth of needed tech, purchasing theses separately from the store is over $1,148.96 + what ever the converter cable costs( face plate
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