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  1. Honestly Nearl. I wouldn’t bother trying out these fixes that people suggest. If you ordered from PC world. Get a replacement. You can send it off for replacement. It takes some time but it’s worth it. My new cosmos works like a charm. Was a faulty cosmos my old one was. I tried all fixes or solutions that people recommended to me. None of which worked at all. So your best bet is to get a replacement 🙂
  2. That wasn’t at all what I said. My TV takes DP, but the cosmos connects to a link box. It’s all good now though. I got a replacement
  3. I don’t actually. Because the dp cable that goes from the light box to the pc, it has that weird fitting on the end that goes into the light box. And I’m unsure on where I would buy one from. Do you have any idea where I could buy one from?
  4. I already on multiple occasions unplugged deleted etc. But one thing I NEVER actually done was completely uninstall the softwares, I just deleted them. So I’m trying it again. If it doesn’t work this time. I’m honestly not sure what to think.
  5. Thought I’d add. I have a desktop and my graphics card is a GTX 1070 with 16gb ram. I also have a display port fitting. In fact I have two. The cosmos came with a display port wire. I’ve even tried putting it in the one my TV is usually in and nothing.
  6. Could someone take a look at my recent post? I got a brand new cosmos delivered today and the display went within half hour of me using it. So confused and annoyed right now considering I paid £704 for it.
  7. Hi. I’m sort of annoyed and confused right now. I ordered a HTC VIVE cosmos even if comments about it were pushing me off buying it due to tracking errors etc. But I bought it out of good will to try it out myself. it came today and I was excited to actually use it. I installed everything. I started using it in the starter area for around half and hour to get used to it (the area with the RC car and such) then all of a sudden my right lens flickered and went black. Then following that was my left lens. Now I have no display whatsoever. I tried everything I’ve been on a ton of websites to see a fix. Bare it in mind this is a brand new device I literally ordered it from PC world. 6 hours later and I’ve honestly given up. The fact I spent £704 on this for it to stop working within the first half hour. I didn’t think it was that bad. I can hear sound. The tracking is perfect. The Controllers connect. Just no display. I’ve unplugged all wires and reseated them. NOTHING so please do not tell me to unplug these wires as I’ve done it a lot. this is honesty so bad considering the price I paid for it. Does anyone have a fix or at least some knowledge on why it’s doing this? Worse thing is I can’t take it to PC world to get a replacement due to them being closed because of COVID.
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