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  1. I did install the software I received on vive.com/setup This installed viveport for me. Is there something I need to install using viveport? I cannot seem to find the device setup page you are mentioning.
  2. my GPU is a radion R9 200 and I have a Intel I7-4790k CPU
  3. HI all, Just bought my HTC Cosmos elite I was trying to set everything up but could get no display on in the headset only a red light. I tried reconnecting the cables, rebooting the PC , upgrading the graphics drivers.. etc.. Then I thought ... maybe it needs an upgrade so I set everything up using steamVR and calibrated everything with the lighthouses. To no avail I can see the steam VR viewport on my display but the headset remains dark. with a solid red light. Is there anything I am doing wrong? or is my headset just plain broken? The computer indicates al
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