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  1. I would prefer to get the pack to turn it into an elite even if I need to return the faceplate and controllers of this model. Because the screen, headphones and headset quality are excellent. It's a really good product but the main problem is it uses light tracking, so if the ambient light is too clear it can't track the controllers, if too dark it can't recognize your environment and when the controllers are in line (one occulted by the other) the system can’t find it and lose track of it. The only I found to get a decent tracking is to use a warm light making my hite walls a yellow/orange color, but even like that on beat saber expert and expert+ it sometime can't keep track of some movements...
  2. Personnaly I hope they are working on it, and I jsut would like to know they gonna offer us something worth this time. No need to hurry but just inform us you really try to fixe it as for now, sure the tracking is better than it was at release but imopossible to play properly to any bow arrow games or FPS like Pavlov. And I trule expect HTC to solve it as they advertised 'Ultimate tracking experience".
  3. Did you checked if the cable is well played on the headset ? As there is a possibility to have a wireless system it means the long cable from the box to the headset is removable. So it can be possible it moved if it was not well plugged from the beginning. If nothing does defect happen too ! Whatever the price of the device something can go wrong.
  4. Try to unplug all and plug all back. Power supply, USB, displayport and headset cable from the PC and the box. Check if vibe console is still open on your PC and try to reboot. If it does nothing unplug all uninstall all and install again then follow instructions again. First thing to do when something goes wrong.
  5. I just got my HTC vive cosmos today. Firstly I installed it and updated headset software. Then I started playing for about 2 hours. My tracking was pretty good, just occlusion was not perfect but bearable. So I was happily surprised compared to what I read here. Then when I restarted playing I got my controllers updated, and after that my tracking was less good. My left controller is now trembling and my aim got worse. Si i guess the controller update is not so good.
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