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  1. Yes indeed sad, but you have to work with the tools at hand. @LuckDrvien07 Only affects Cosmos without basestations. (Light tracking). It's still not 100% accurate in tracking (maybe 68-80% if I would make an estimate), but way better than no offset at all. I've been so frustrated at times when playing with two handed rifles that I've actually tried throwing the rifle at the enemy... (Note: Does NOT work!) 🙂 But works alot better in games like Contractor$, Zero Caliber, Pavlov and Virtual Battlefield where I mostly have tested.
  2. Thought I would share my workaround for the cosmos controller tracking issues with two handed weapons (Rifles etc...) If you are a cosmos owner with light tracking you would probably allready have encountered these issues and "maybe" worked up a bit of frustration... The developer of OpenVR Advanced Settings also made something called OpenVR-InputEmulator. This is where the magic happens! With the OpenVR-InputEmulator application you can offset your individual controller as you please. This will plase your left controller sligthly to te right, and rigth controller sligthly up. By doing this you will then be able to aim through sights without the controllers covering eachother! Took me about 1-2 hours to get used to it, but after that I actually can aim without loosing tracking! Link: https://github.com/matzman666/OpenVR-InputEmulator My best tested settings are: Left controller: WorldFromDriver Offset to 7.0 on X axis. Right controller: WorldFromDriver Offsett to 7.0 on Y axis. If you should need help setting it up, just PM me and I'll gladly help. Cheers!
  3. In the same situation regarding aim tracking. Must say this is the most disapointing purchase of hardware I've done in many many years. Even my PSVR tracks better than the cosmos.... The closest I've gotten to barely tolerate aiming with this crappy tracking is using Input emulating software from same developer as advanced steamvr settings on github. There I can offset one controller enough so they dont cover eachother while aiming. But it's not even close to OK. I'm going to buy another kit, not ever a HTC again. I'm not going to sell the cosmos either, I'm gonna burn it. No one should ever have to experience this kind of awful design....
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