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  1. Thanks again for the quick reply. I understand, the Vive 3DSP SDK is a great solution for developing VR sound within Unity and what I am asking is a bit out of the scope. I strongly believe that Unity is great to handle many audio tasks (because of the game object concept), but unfortunately it can not replace a standalone dedicated audio workstation. With the ambisonic outputs (bake or print) feature, Sound Designer could use the best of both world (Unity and their favorite audio Workstation). Unfortunately I won't be able to use the Vive 3DS for VR360 video sound design but I will d
  2. Just to be a little clearer, the ambisonic mix should output a 4 channel (first order ambisonic), a 9 channel (second order ambisonic) or a 16 channel (third order ambisonic)l audio file. This would allow Sound designers to export ambisonic stems and combine them later in their favorite audio workstation application.
  3. Thank you for the quick reply , The stereo mix is an encoded version of the ambisonic third order mix and this is the version used for the final medium (HDM or headphones). I call this mix binaural because once it leaves Unity it is a static (headlock mix) unless you listen to it within unity with a head mounted display. When exporting the audio to a third party application like Pro-Tools you actually need the ambisonic mix (first, second or third order) to be able to finish the work. Another use for the ambisonic mix is to be able to export your mix to the Facebook 360 Spatial Worksta
  4. Hi, First, congratulations! Vive 3DSP seem like a great product. This is my first post here on the forum. I have be working in the audio industry for the last 30 years and discovered Vive 3DSP a few days ago. I would love to use it within unity to create ambisonic sound for many good reasons. I read the documentation and downloaded the SDK but I haven't found how to output an ambisonic mix from the 3DSP audio component. Binaural (stereo) mix can be done but doesn't Vive 3DSP output third order ambisonic mix too? Thanks for your help!
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