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  1. I found it! It was emailed to me, but flagged for some reason. Check your spam folder folks! Best, TtL
  2. Hi JohnyDL, If I have already input the code, is there somewhere I can view the Half Life code? Or am I unable to find it again? Is there a page in Viveport where I can view the products I have, such as the Half Life code? Thank you for the help, TtL
  3. I purchased my COSMOS Elite a couple of days ago and it arrived yesterday. It says I should have gotten a code for ALYX inside the box. I did use the Viveport Code that's on the blue cover card when you open the box, and I was looking around on other forum posts trying to see how to get the game. I've seen others keep getting told by support that the code in the box give the Infinity unlock as well as ALYX, but that isn't true. It seems like some individuals are having luck posting in the forums, so here we are. I can provide any proof/information as requested. Thanks!
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