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  1. I think I have found the problem. It was SteamVR beta. I tried before with DDU Uninstaller for drivers and still had the problem so the last thing I needed to try was to go back and instead of beta went into regular and that fixed I still have some frame drops but it's much much better a lot less fps drops. I still have a lot of reprojections but at least it felt better without all the frame drops.
  2. Hello I have more pictures regarding this problems from the vive console: https://imgur.com/gallery/rA58nHv you will see a lot of frames just skipped and a ton of reprojections even tho I was on the steamVR game launcher I have tried the following with none giving any results: 1) Tried No OC on my GPU = Problem persisted 2) Uninstalled MSI After Burner and Rivia Turner = Problem persisted 3) Uninstalled Hardware_Info = Problem Persisted 4) Tried turning Gsync Off and tried non vr games = non vr games ran very smooth without any hiccups even with gsync off 5) Tried CCleaner to fix problems and clean registry = Problem persisted 6) Tried a reset on the headset within the vive console = When everything got installed back problem persisted I have no Idea what to try anymore. Thanks!
  3. I have tried without any overclocking and closed all overclocking software but still have the issue. The thing is I can play any non vr game and do not notice any of the stutters but when I play in vr I have a a lot of spikes that are accounted as frame drops even tho I can see the frames almost locked at 90fps.
  4. Yes I tried factory settings, plus closing overclocking software. Thanks!
  5. I have had this Cosmos for about a week now. I have an overclocked RTX 2080S paired with a Ryzen 3700X and 16GB of 3600MHz ram. Here are some of the things I have encountered: SteamVR Motion Smoothing or Reprojection does not work with this headset, so if you have any dropped frames below 90 it will reproject without smoothing and it feels bad. I have random stutters even in games that are running well below 11.1ms of the 90Hz (please see pictures on link below for graphs). I have no idea what to do as it breaks the immersion pretty badly (and I have tried all I can, nothing seems to make a difference even sub sampling). The example of the link is while just waiting on the dark room (even without opening a game), the rest of the pictures are from playing Boneworks (other games have the same problem anyway). https://imgur.com/a/3aU6xpx Can anyone help with this? Thanks!
  6. Why is motion smoothing not working properly with the cosmos? Is there any plans for this to be supported better in the future? Thanks! @VibrantNebula @C.T.
  7. Hello there, I have the cosmos my GPU is 2080S paired with a 3700X and high quality 16GB DDR4 3600MHz memory and I encounter a ton of frame drops using VRSS in games like Boneworks even if just using 120 Super Sampling on steamvr and 4X MSAA on the game itself. I went to one of their play rooms and I have random spikes in frame time and frame drops. Also there is no way for the cosmos to turn motion smoothing ON or Off which for this game it might be the problem. HTC nor Steam are supporting Steam Motion Smoothing on this headset I have tried all I can think but motion smoothing says is not supported by the cosmos (but in some games frames will do drop to 45 and there is no way of turning it off). So yeah I have not had the best experience with my cosmos.
  8. Hello, Is it really working working good for you? And do you know what the option below Motion Compensation does when on (performance priority mod)? Does it downscale the image are how does it work? Thanks!
  9. Greetings, I have tried all suggestions and still couldn't get motion smoothing to work. I have the regular cosmos and even if you try and force it to enabled or always on in a per app basis it doesn't activate. I have a 2080S paired with a Ryzen 3700X. I also tried enabling on vive console for their version but it still doesn't work on steamvr. @C.T. @stvnxu
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