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  1. I thought it's not supported by Cosmos/Cosmos Elite. Are You referring to motion smoothing in Steam VR? Or motion compensation i vive console settings?
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there is any point (from vr performance POV, considering I'm on wireless adapter) in upgrading RAM from 3000 MHz to 4000 MHz. My system is Cosmos Elite + Wireless, i7-8700k, 1080ti, 16GB RAM 3000 MHz (dual channel). Do You have any opinion on that? @C.T. I would appreciate Your opinion here 🙂
  3. "Avoid memory leak for wireless cosmos setup" - was it improved in public vs beta or it's the same?
  4. @TrevorAustin how did You enable motion smoothing in Steam VR for Cosmos/Cosmos Elite? I thought it's not supported for these HMD - I don't even have option to turn it on. Is it related to using SteamVR in beta branch?
  5. Hello, I'm experiencing performance drops in HL:A in certain areas, for example when looking down here (hotel) (https://imgur.com/a/P6jcWGP). There are some other places where similar drops occur. I'm on Cosmos Elite + Knuckles + Wireless, i7-8700k, 1080ti, 16GB RAM (dual channel), steam vr ss set to 100% (2016x2380 per eye), game is on NVME, dual monitors (60hz and 144hz). Did You have performance drops in that area, looking at that place?
  6. Thanks, does "Fixed a memory leak bug for Cosmos wireless users (Thanks to Beta_Tester)" refer also to Cosmos Elite?
  7. Hello, recently I was wondering why 100% Supersampling resolution in Steam VR for Cosmos Elite is so high. At 100% it's 2016x2380 per eye, while display resolution is 1440×1700 per eye. Why is there so much overhead? When enabling performance priority mode in Vive Console, then 100% SS is 1512x1788, but display looks much worse that way. In performance mode You would have to crank up SS to 180% to get 2028x2400 per eye (it's similar to 100% on normal mode), but it dosn't look as good as 100% in normal mode. So it looks like performance mode changes resolution of LCD panels to sub-native resolution. @C.T. can You please reply to my question (Why is there so much overhead?) and tell us a little bit more about performance priority mode? Also, I never got answear regarding motion smoothing support in SteamVR - is it some kind of inconvenient issue for You (as a company)? I attach some screenshots with different SS settings in normal and performance priority mode.
  8. Hello, we need motion smoothing support in SteamVR
  9. Hello, do You have any plans on supporting motion smoothing in Steam VR in future updates?
  10. I've tested it and as far as I noticed it decreases the HMD resolution below native - SS 100% resolution in Steam VR is much lower than without this function.
  11. Thanks for reply. I was wondering if the option that You recalled is the same as motion smoothing in Steam VR. If it's the same, then I'm wondering why then, even after enabling it in Vive console, in Steam VR it's still not supported?
  12. Hello, it looks like Comos Elite is not supported by motion smoothing in Steam VR. Are there plans to fix it? Is it incompability on Valve or HTC side?
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