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  1. Will test it shortly in Half Life Alyx...
  2. Yup. They can make a recall program for existing Cosmo user for a free upgrade to Elite by showing proof of purchase. If they make full refund for recall, they will lose many money. So I believe free upgrade to Elite can earn back customer loyalty and bring back a good image of their brand.
  3. I am just curious. RIFT S released much earlier before Cosmos. WHY HTC can launch a undone product to the market ???? They should have done many testing on it and know it is not meeting the expectation....and then still charging much more $ than Rift S.
  4. Valve is a big company and HTC VR is not related to Valve. Valve has their own VR headset. Years ago, they were teammate, it is old story.
  5. I always said if it is Apple product, Apple would haven been issued worldwide recall on it. Or if it is Bose, they should have been issued worldwide recall on it and they did it as Sleepbud fail to meet its feature. Also, I am curious that my rifts s controller doesn't have any control light on the controller, but why they can track so perfect ????
  6. Deadly. They focus on patching those affecting its Elite version. But tracking issue for in out, I feel it is pretty deadly over as it should be design fault, can't fix at all. That why it takes 8 months and still no matching to rift s..........
  7. I will give them the last hope for the next update. It has been 8 months and if the next update cannot meet its tracking similar to Rift S, please consider a worldwide recall for this faulty product.
  8. lam0218

    Noisy Fan

    My Cosmos also has noticable fan sound. But when you wear it and playing game, you won't hear it at all.
  9. Oculus rift S is perfect with its tracking ability. I have using it on Half Life Alyx. The oculus rift s controller also has perfect feedback in vibration. Cosmos is really bad in Alyx, when my two hand is overlapping each other, the tracking constanly just fail....WHY IT CONSTANTLY FAIL ???? If it is a product design faulty, please recall this product or give a option for free faceplate and sensor although I bought cosmos is because of its simplicity and better resolution and FOV than Rift S.
  10. by the time its tracking ability is matching Rift S, this product is already outdated....
  11. lam0218

    Tracking issue

    Me too. But my country doesn't have return policy. All purchases are final. I won't buy any HTC product anymore as they don't have the core technology to make a functional product. What I feel now is that they keep on saying "We will have new firmware to improve it over time" but when ? It has been 7 months since launch. If they admit it is a design fault, they need to do recall worldwide. Bose also do worldwide recall for its sleepbud because it is not a functional product.
  12. Honestly, you are not the only innocent. I can't bare its terrible hand tracking and I am waiting their fix or they need a recall program for this wonder product.
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