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  1. Look at how Apple handle things because Apple value its customer. If Apple made thing which has flaw, Lawsuit in the way. And Apple always admit it and give replacement or free repair program. And then Bose which do worldwide recall for its sleepbud. 

    And Look at what HTC do....you never can imagine how a company can act like this. No promise, no roadmap for fix, just nothing, completely silence....

  2. No noise at all. The VR consumer base is small. HTC is not Apple or Bose, and I pretty sure they know. If they do worldwide recall, they should have done it long time ago. 

    I still haven't finished Half Life alyx yet. I know if I can bare the tracking issue, I can beat the game. But I have no mood adapting to this faulty product. 

    HTC is the most terrifying brand so far in my experience of all times.

  3. No need to ask HTC to hear or dream anything. If they listen, they should have done something or posted roadmap in their twitter or such. 

    In short, issuing worldwide recall or free upgrade to Cosmos Elite. AND Just put off the Original Cosmos from the shelf, it is faulty product.

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  4. On 7/11/2020 at 6:17 AM, ShakySurgeon said:

    So to keep things short, sweet and to the point. This headset has been NOTHING SHORT of a total god damned nightmare. Upon initial purchase. It would not work period, let alone track anything unless the lighting was literally studio quality. Finally, after some time collecting dust and some updates later, it was SOMEWHAT usable. After more time had passed, and updates, it was at least a decent headset, though VASTLY OVER PRICED! 

    Now? A recent update completely broke the headset and it's back to being totally unusable yet again. God what I wouldn't give to just get my money back and get a headset that the developers actually gave two-shits about. What a shame. 

    Don't dream anything on it. I have put my Cosmos into my warehouse and don't make any dream it will work well one day. Once again if HTC is Apple, they should have issued worldwide recall on this faulty product.

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  5. GTX 2060 should be able to run VR game nicely. Window OS is a complicated system, make sure you install everything with new driver, don't use those old driver in the included disc, go to Intel/AMD/Nvidia website to install the latest and motherboard stuff from ASROCK. 

    You can play a non-VR pc game from steam to test it, if they work fine. Then the problems is in the VR driver, VR software, VR game itself....which is more headache.

  6. 18 hours ago, Dickytwo said:

    Welcome to the club. I sold mine a while back but have kept track on this forum in the hope that the situation vastly improved. Sadly it hasn't and every update now seems like a 'suck it and see' update with no real testing internally.

    I got the Index with ceiling hooks which replaced what should have been a kick ass Cosmos purchase with Wireless (or so they said last October). The Index is definitely an improvement on the overall Cosmos experience even with the wire floating up above so no regrets at all.

    And worse, HTC have lost me as a future customer as well as so many others who were also conned last year with their VR solution which basically didn't work and still doesn't. No olive branch for those 'victims' and pretty sure they are now hoping people will just give up on it so they don't need to release pointless updates any more. 

    Me too. I will not buy any HTC product anymore in my life as they are not a trustworthy company. They never admit their fault and no roadmap for their action. Basically, I feel like they treat every Cosmo buyer like a fool. You want fix ? buy a external sensor and faceplate.

    HTC, No one want to blame you if you can stand out to say something in your official twitter instead of hiding. Do something really helpful, worldwide recall or credit to buy a new modified Cosmos. Currently, you are so freaking awful and I am ready to give up with Cosmos and HTC as a whole. Throw my Cosmos into my warehouse and I surely don't want to sell this faulty product to anyone for more innocent. 


  7. For many rich people, using money to fix the problem (buy those sensor, faceplate) is no brainer for those people and those people don't care about money. All companies love this kind of customer.

    But many people, investing such a big amount of money based on its misleading market terms hurt our heart deeply. 

    For 699USD, you can expect as least as good as 399USD Rift S.  

    And, I don't want to waste my time to say anything or complaint to this company, HTC....really done with this company, no second time for their products

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  8. I really don't surprise one day this company will force to exit the VR market....such as terrible software stability,  no roadmap for what they plan to do on fixing the problem, misleading marketing terms using on Cosmos (Refined inside-out tracking and much more....)

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  9. HP is also making a new high resolution VR with help of Valve and Microsoft, pricing at USD599 this fall. The selling point is much higher resolution than Index, without any external sensor, similar to Rift S and Cosmos. But tracking really need to test once it arrived....

    For HTC, I hope you really listen to the community and do a responsible action to all cosmos buyer. You can't just ignore everyone's comment. Pls tell us what your roadmap is and how you will do to fix the current Cosmos tracking issue. I don't want my Cosmos to be fixed by the time it is an outdated product and then Cosmos 2 come up....

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  10. 6 hours ago, hamez88 said:

    Over my time using the vive cosmos i have noticed that most of the tracking issues is to do with Light, and how far away/close the controllers are to each other or the head set. Could a fix be made by providing more cameras?, Not on the headset but in the form of lighthouses? Have them set up in opposite corners of the play space. Not sure if tracking cameras could the controllers from a further distance or not but they would be able to see them in if not most, all positions within the play space. Combined with the cameras in the head set in theory it should improve the tracking.

    Any thoughts?

    Have you thought of any possible solutions and what are they?

    Forget your assumption. Their quick fix to ask you to buy an external faceplate, sensor and controller. Or you can wait for months or years of patch update until it get closer to Rift S ^^

  11. Honestly, most of the issue could be fixed by clean install your pc and install those latest driver/software from your motherboard support website. And make sure you do window update on all window 10 updates. And go to Nvidia or AMD driver to download the latest driver. 

  12. 31 minutes ago, TomCgcmfc said:

    I'm also in Australia and have been considering the Cosmos Elite faceplate for my OG (pre-ordered) Cosmos since I already have Vive 2.0 base stations/controllers that came with my Vive Pro full kit.  This originally sold for aud$349 earlier this month and today I looked at it and it is now priced at aud$399!  Neither of these come with any extras like VivePort subscriptions or free HLA.  So, I'm not likely to jump in and buy one of these.  I was kinda hoping that is would be much more sensibly priced, maybe with a very high discount for current OG Cosmos users.  So for now my Cosmos will remain in the box awaiting better inside out tracking and I will just continue to use my Vive Pro and Oculus Rift cv1 for all my VR needs.

    Generally speaking, I don't know why we need to pay extra for those faceplate, station and controller for a faulty product. HTC should put a link for Cosmos user to claim for the complete set for fixing the issue since launch.

    Just like the MacBook butterfly keyboard, why I need to pay for replace it because it is not working properly ? The same logic here

  13. 1 hour ago, nickakathatguy said:

    Yeah, it's definitely similar. 


    There's just something off with how the headset tracks in comparison to the original Vive for sure. It feels less accurate at times.

    I played it all of last night, and while doing so I found even more strangeness—the software hangs up, glitches when transitioning apps in SteamVR. But the most frustrating error that I've encountered is the Viveport/Console crashing my desktop on exit... and just about every time at that. (Reinstalled multiple times).


    HTC has really disappointed me with how lazily they've thrown everything together. The headset feels cheap in comparison to the original Vive, the tracking is less accurate, the lenses are incredibly bad, the halo strap moves around even when it's tightened fully, the software is terribly bloated, & causes severe system instability/glitching.

    I was really excited to have a next generation VR experience, yet I feel like I'm spending more time fiddling with settings than experiencing anything worthwhile.




    That one change would help those who still support you.

    You know why ? Because Original Vive is together built with the help of Valve. After they separated, we got new product Cosmos which everyone know how bad the in out tracking is. 

  14. On 5/6/2020 at 6:42 AM, deniedbyalstate said:

    This thing is basically unusable for any games that require 2 handed rifles or scopes... which are basically the only games I bought and enjoy playing.  I just heard that there are upgrades being released where I'll have to shell out another $600+ for the wands, base station and face plate.  I might as well just buy the cosmos elite for an extra $300 and sell this junk cosmos to an uneducated VR buyer like myself.

    Were all of the amazing advertisements claiming the Vive cosmos being accurate just lies?  There has to be consumer laws that holds HTC accountable for releasing a piece of junk. Class action?


    You think too much. First, HTC is not Apple and they don't have a big market and massive customer base. If Apple make such a product, believe or not, they will issue worldwide recall very soon after they released it because there will be many class action lawsuit on Apple if Apple made such a faulty product. You can see that the butterfly keyboard has worldwide free replacement program because the keyboard not doing its job well....

    I hope HTC can come out to speak officially on how to solve this Cosmos issue. They keep on saying will improve its tracking over time. But when ? It has been many many months since release. HTC, please come out to admit whether if it is a product design fault and do something remarkable to solve it.



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  15. 3 hours ago, A-Jey said:

    But the Elite is a complete different Headset.
    There's a reason for some people that they got a VR headset with inside-out tracking...

    I know this reason and I also bought Cosmos because of its in out tracking and better FOV and resolution pixel compared to Rift S. But if they don't want to recall and refund full amount worldwide, then a free upgrade package to Elite may be a reasonable choice for them.

  16. I have just updated my cosmos to beta and it is the worst experience so far. Half Life Alyx running very strange with kind of lag with input control,  terrible shaking hand, hand tracking is much worst than before....

    Before this update, I can still play Half Life Alyx with bearable shit like hand tracking but now it is even worst.....terrible faulty product


    HTC, HTC if you have tested this product and you should know this product is not meeting its production standard. You should not release a product which is not able to do its job.


    If you continue to be like this, so soon if there are more competitor with better quality and cheaper price tag, you will lose customer loyalty because you really don't care about customer satisfactory. You should issue worldwide recall program for this COSMOS 1st gen undone product. 




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  17. I find that what they do now is try to improve customer experience in one game or few games....It is not a fix at all indeed

    a fix is that it can fix its core and work well in any games. 

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