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  1. Yup. Since July and now it is already December. 😏
  2. Very appreciated that you make a new account for it. 😀 As an end user for this Cosmos, I have the right to complain or speak out. If you don't want to listen or see, just quit it. 😃😃
  3. HTC is the deadly brand in my list. In my life, I won't buy any HTC products anymore. They will eventually out of the VR market because they made faulty Cosmos and not admit they did.
  4. In fact, I really feel sorry about all the stuff here. They can't answer or response to their faulty product (which everyone know it need to issue worldwide recall from the beginning) and they need to ignore all those comment. It is really a hard time for their daily job. See them again and again but can't give comment....
  5. I totally give up this product and HTC. Terrible company ever.... I always said This product is faulty and they should issue worldwide recall on it but they never do it....ask customer to buy faceplate and external sensor is really bad excuse of ignoring the real faulty issue of its product. Totally guilty and shame on what they did. Be a man, HTC, admit it and worldwide recall. Main reason: it is not iphone, if it is iphone, many lawsuit on the way. VR gaming is still a very tiny potion of the market.... Tracking is a critical feature in all VR headset. Think about if you bought a iphone/android phone but touch screen randomly stop working ? You should able to replace it for free, right ?
  6. It is really terrible for a company that can be totally silent and WITHOUT A ROADMAP for FIXING the issue.... It is simply like you bought a new iPhone and then the touchscreen feature never work correctly. You surely deserve a refund to all kind of such case or simply follow what Apple did - Free repair/replacement program for any end user which bought your product.
  7. With PS5, XSX, new big game coming, no one will remember the Cosmos....and eventually it is out of market and they don't need to do worldwide recall. And No one will care or blame them and forget them in history.
  8. Quest 2 has better resolution than the faulty Cosmos standard model. Also, the focus len is always out of focus in my Cosmos. In my previous VR headset - rift s, everything just work. Would like to see how well Quest 2 connect to PC in Half Alyx using the link cable. Facebook has discontinued Rift s and now focus on Quest 2.
  9. You haven't tried one most important step. Erase your whole PC and clean install again with the latest driver and make sure you updated to latest Window 10 build. Never use the one come with the disc. Go to the website to install latest motherboard package/driver and nvidia driver, etc.
  10. The Oculus rift s and the quest 2, all working much much much better in tracking and also come with a much better controller. The one come with Cosmos is bulky and not a good design.... You really need to try the tracking in rift s, it is very perfect. And the new quest 2 should be on par or better. And the one in Cosmos is a disaster, it is because of its faulty design that could never be able to fix it.
  11. No use at all. They are always completely silent for all the times. All of us is just complaining to the air and no one will really listen or do any action. I have said many many times : only two options : 1. worldwide recall for this faulty product 2. Compensation for free upgrade to Elite which fix the terrifying tracking issue (no reason why we need to pay for the fix) buying this faulty product is the most regrettable decision in my life. I would rather spend the money on PS5 with mark-up price or just do donation.
  12. all modern Nvidia RTX has DP port, and all motherboard has usb 3. It is really strange that your new PC doesn't have DP port. I personally won't buy any product again from HTC but this time it is really nothing related to HTC. You should complain to the shop which doesn't have enough knowledge and push you to buy 3000USD of machine. I guess it is a gaming laptop....
  13. This product is game over. I personally think they are too late to have any solution at this moment. If they are responsible, they should recall it just few months after the release. But now, it is really too late and they could run bankrupt if they do recall now. So if I am HTC, I will not do anything, be silence and eventually everyone will forget their pain. Once PS5, XBX come out, gamer will focus and put time on their new console and throw this HTC in the dust. After few years, no one will care their old Cosmos.
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