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  1. HP is also making a new high resolution VR with help of Valve and Microsoft, pricing at USD599 this fall. The selling point is much higher resolution than Index, without any external sensor, similar to Rift S and Cosmos. But tracking really need to test once it arrived.... For HTC, I hope you really listen to the community and do a responsible action to all cosmos buyer. You can't just ignore everyone's comment. Pls tell us what your roadmap is and how you will do to fix the current Cosmos tracking issue. I don't want my Cosmos to be fixed by the time it is an outdated product and then Cosmos 2 come up....
  2. Forget your assumption. Their quick fix to ask you to buy an external faceplate, sensor and controller. Or you can wait for months or years of patch update until it get closer to Rift S ^^
  3. HTC, pls come up and admit the faulty and get a responsible action to all Cosmos customer.
  4. Window system usually will have many potential corrupt or issue when you used it for years. Fresh clean install will bring it all fixed.
  5. Honestly, most of the issue could be fixed by clean install your pc and install those latest driver/software from your motherboard support website. And make sure you do window update on all window 10 updates. And go to Nvidia or AMD driver to download the latest driver.
  6. Generally speaking, I don't know why we need to pay extra for those faceplate, station and controller for a faulty product. HTC should put a link for Cosmos user to claim for the complete set for fixing the issue since launch. Just like the MacBook butterfly keyboard, why I need to pay for replace it because it is not working properly ? The same logic here
  7. So that means the whole terrible issue of in out tracking is because of the steamvr software doesn’t love or support well on this product.
  8. I also find an annoying issue of Cosmos. When I am out the boundaries, let say I am lying on my bed, I can play any game without issue in Rift S. But Cosmos cannot allow it....
  9. You know why ? Because Original Vive is together built with the help of Valve. After they separated, we got new product Cosmos which everyone know how bad the in out tracking is.
  10. You think too much. First, HTC is not Apple and they don't have a big market and massive customer base. If Apple make such a product, believe or not, they will issue worldwide recall very soon after they released it because there will be many class action lawsuit on Apple if Apple made such a faulty product. You can see that the butterfly keyboard has worldwide free replacement program because the keyboard not doing its job well.... I hope HTC can come out to speak officially on how to solve this Cosmos issue. They keep on saying will improve its tracking over time. But when ? It has been many many months since release. HTC, please come out to admit whether if it is a product design fault and do something remarkable to solve it.
  11. I know this reason and I also bought Cosmos because of its in out tracking and better FOV and resolution pixel compared to Rift S. But if they don't want to recall and refund full amount worldwide, then a free upgrade package to Elite may be a reasonable choice for them.
  12. It is a very terrible update so far. And now I need to find a way to downgrade to old version. This product drive me crazy.
  13. I have just updated my cosmos to beta and it is the worst experience so far. Half Life Alyx running very strange with kind of lag with input control, terrible shaking hand, hand tracking is much worst than before.... Before this update, I can still play Half Life Alyx with bearable shit like hand tracking but now it is even worst.....terrible faulty product HTC, HTC if you have tested this product and you should know this product is not meeting its production standard. You should not release a product which is not able to do its job. If you continue to be like this, so soon if there are more competitor with better quality and cheaper price tag, you will lose customer loyalty because you really don't care about customer satisfactory. You should issue worldwide recall program for this COSMOS 1st gen undone product.
  14. Still not a smooth and stable fix after 8 months. I really don't want to suffer for using this product. HTC, please issue worldwide recall for this fault product.
  15. I find that what they do now is try to improve customer experience in one game or few games....It is not a fix at all indeed a fix is that it can fix its core and work well in any games.
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