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  1. That's basically telling me "you need to work hard and be smart to get it done', I was looking for more practical and specific information and not guru advice.
  2. Problem is that I don't see any parameters I could change in terms of calibration since I'm not gonna be walking in place but using a treadmill, so I could be running like Usain Bolt (theoretically 🙄) and it would give me a much slower pace, or perhaps could be going really slowly on my treadmill and it would run pretty fast in the game. It seems I have no way to calibrate it. Correct? Even if I had to calibrate it per game that's OK, that's what I do with my current design for PC games.
  3. Natural locomotion is for hand usage though as far as I understand. That is to say I can stand still and move my hands and it would still move forward. Immersion with the ability to walk and run in top-rated VR games is more of my goal... here's a video I made of me using my manual treadmill with PC games with an arduino+ Treadmill sensor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7vi-QdTzfc&t=50s (me doing it with PC games in Kingdom Come Deliverance) Right now setting my goals on Half-Life Alyx, Skyrim, etc... True, but I recently found out that pressing your elbows against the holding rails of the treadmill helps reduce accidents and motion sickness since it gives you some sense of orientation, but I haven't tested it for long runs. Interesting, but I didn't see the actual video of it working. So far I've seen several ideas for a solution but none of them made a video of it working naturally on a treadmill. Vive Trackers seem like the least clumsy solution. There's AgileVR. But in both those solutions I didn't see if it's possible to script such a solution with those devices. I don't wanna undertake something technically impossible.
  4. So risks aside of using a manual treadmill with VR (and the fact it's not 360), I want to know whether it's possible to use vive trackers and treadmill to achieve motion in VR? How accurate would the motion be? Would I have to develop it myself? And I've seen the videos of people stepping in place to achieve motion. So I assume it's possible i just want to be sure before i buy vive and trackers -Larpushka
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