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  1. Hello. Thanks for your helpful answer! When I start with my project (this will take a while until the beginning) I think I will take a 3700X and a X570 Board for it. This should be enough for everything because the 3700X has 12 Cores. I want to stream maybe sometimes in the future and it will also used for other stuff. This was a good start for me to know if everything has been fixed or not. Thank you so much!
  2. Hello. I have a quick question to users who use the Vive Pro (or an another supported HMD) with the Wireless Adapter. Does anyone have still problems with a AM4-based platform, combined with the Wireless Adapter? Or are these problems already solved in the past time? If I may ask, which boards are you using if this problem are solved? The Disclaimer from HTC on their product page are still existing, so I'm not sure at all. I had a short conversation with the support who I tell this problem but the support said that the poblems are already solved. I saw a topic on Reddit which someone says that is depending which chipset you have on your board and it can be different between brands. (like ASRock, Asus, MSI, etc.) Also I saw a official patch or hotfix which isn't available anymore. I just need a few confirmations if possible. Best regards.
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