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  1. eureka i find the solution ahaha Please connect the defective base to the PC via USB, and if you find that the base is recognized as a reader (by holding the button behind for a few seconds), you can try to manually reload the firmware of the base station. Find the following directory: \ steamapps \ common \ SteamVR \ tools \ flagship \ firmware \ lighthouse_tx \ archive \ htc_2.0 1. Connect the base station to your PC via the USB cable. 2. Connect the power cable to your base station, while holding down the channel button (Windows must recognize a storage drive called CRP_DISABLED). 3. Delete the firmware.bin file. 4. Copy the firmware file located above (let's say version 298 or 436, the latest version and the beta version respectively). 5. Disconnect the power cable and the USB cable. 6. Reconnect the power (should start and operate normally). Let us know if it helps. If you continue to have problems, send an updated SteamVR system report with your response. Also follow these instructions to provide a Windows diagnostic report for your system.
  2. hi, i bought a htc vive cosmos elite and when i updated the accessories. My base station no longer works it no longer lights up and before it worked and the second works. I made a system report and it is written that someone can help me please Device 2 - 5A01AAM00029 Unknown device class vive_cosmos HTC Device Path: / devices / viveVR / 5A01AAM00029 Best Alias: Invalid Firmware: Hardware Revision:
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