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  1. I think this patch broke something. I decided to clear environment information after this patch, because I heard that it's good for tracking. Anyway, now I can't complete the room setup! I'm stuck at setting floor level. Controllers say that they are not tracking and they just blinking rapidly. And if I press a trigger on of the controllers a floating line shows up. That line usually comes from the controller in the room setup, but it just floats at random place. I already tried things that helped before this patch: I cleared environment information, made a headset reset, I tried unpairing and pairing controllers, reinstalled vive cosmos software, I even tried to switch batteries in controllers just in case - none of that is working! It's worth noting that before this patch I sometimes had similar issues with setting floor level, but they were fixable by measures mentioned above. Maybe there is a way to roll a firmware version back?
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