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  1. I've had various BT issues since I got my Vive Cosmos Elite. I've resolved most of them by doing a fresh install of Windows 10 and getting everything fully updated. I only have one problem now: the integrated BCM20703 controller chip stops working after some amount of time. This prevents waking up Base Stations (1.0) and it disconnects my phone from Viveport. The work around is relatively simple. All I do is go into Device Manager, disable and then enable the BT device. This resets it and it allows SteamVR to wake up and put to sleep the Base Stations and reconnect to my phone (Note 10+, btw). When I've had problems like this in the past with other Bluetooth devices, one potential solution was changing the Windows power management features to where it never sleeps the controller. Unfortunately, as the BCM20703 device included with the Cosmos is not a full BT controller but rather just a device, those setting are missing from Windows. It would be really great if the engineering team could give us some kind of solution here. I know I'm not the only one with this issue. I can try to dump the state of the BCM drive when it's not working if that will help. I'd like it to start working as intended. I really feel like there's a simple solution we can find. If anyone else has issues with BT connectivity with their Base Stations or phone, please chime in. @C.T. @stvnxu
  2. Maybe coincidentally, but this object disappeared after a Wireless Receiver (Vive, through SteamVR) update yesterday.
  3. Thanks for your help. System Report attached. @C.T. SteamVR-2020-04-15-PM_06_09_22.txt
  4. In the device update screen in SteamVR it shows "Unknown Tracked D". I attached a picture below. I assume the "D" is a truncated "Device". I only have two controllers and no trackers. I have one game pad but it is not a tracked device. Does anyone know what this is? TIA
  5. Oh ok. I assumed the controller was in the Converter like the Vive's was in the Link Box. I'll do some more experimentation by trying to disable my on board radio and see what still works, or see if I can still connect my phone to VivePort. One possibility is that all these connectivity issues are old and I'm just noticing. That's why I wanted to ask around. Thanks for your time.
  6. I got my Cosmos Elite setup about a week ago. After biting the bullet and buying a new MSI motherboard and Ryzen to fix the Asus USB3.1 controller issues, everything is working pretty well. The only problem I seem to have is Bluetooth devices, Cosmos related and otherwise, occasionally have trouble reconnecting. This happens with my phone, my DS4 controller and my SteamVR 1.0 tracking stations. Eventually they all reconnect on retry/reconnect, but I'm not sure what is causing the issue. I have a feeling it's related to both the Vive Converter and my MSI motherboard both having active Bluetooth controllers. Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone had luck with connecting non-VR peripherals to the Vive Converter or with connecting VR components to your exiting Bluetooth controller? Are either of these possible at all? TIA @C.T.
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