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  1. Hi I wonder whether the performance issues in previous versions are fixed in this one. Anyone tried and noticed any difference?
  2. No there isn't a solution so far, after the last update, I can't play VR games with cosmos headset so I just switched to a Rift S. The cosmos does feel comfortable to wear and resolution is good, other than that I don't see it getting any advantages... been waiting for 2 weeks and still no fix... very disappointed for sure. The only way to make it work is to roll back to the older drivers, but sadly the vive software doesn't allow you to do that... I got lucky to have a system restore point and I roll back the entire system before I install the last update to solve it. Well if HTC doesn't have a solution then I guess I'm stuck with the current version and there isn't much to hope for... Have you asked the devs to give you a personal test version? I think they are able to do that at least.
  3. Nope, I don't think it's related to that... I didn't no driver update nor any kind of optimization on anything but the update.
  4. Yeah I didn't get error message, but all my games took a major performance hit in VR after this update, and barely playable... I have to do a system recover to get back to the previous version to make my headset work properly again. Seriously they need to address the issues with this update ASAP, or let us keep the older versions of drivers.
  5. At last, I hope you guys allow the users to have a way of keeping or reversing to the older versions of the drivers. In a case like this, if my system restore fails, I have no way to play any game in VR on my PC and have to wait for another update who knows for how long... this will be a real disaster...
  6. Also I'm not all that technical or have a lot of time to deal with softwares lol. Could you let me know where I can find the log and the trace number ?? At the moment I will remain the previous driver, win10 sometimes doesn't do good job of restoring system and I'd like to keep this workable version before the issue's solved.
  7. Hey sorry my day job kept me very busy, and I just saw you guys messages now. If you still need me to help with something let me know and I'll try to find time this weekend. Hope the problem will be solved soon, and thanks for fixing and improving.
  8. I'm reporting an issue I'm experiencing with this new update. Good to see so many fixes on this update list though. But since I installed this update yesterday, all of my games performance all of sudden becoming very bad, or straight unplayable. In HL Alyx, even moving in small corridors will cause very bad lag and stuttering, this also happened in Skyrim VR and Boneworks (so far I've been testing) - as well as playing any game in Virtual Desktop. I reverse my system back to a point just before I update to, and everything is back to normal. So I'm sure it's somewhat related to this update. Maybe there's something still need to be fixed regarding the update.
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