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  1. Hello! So I have tried to call and heard on the automated message that there is no phone support currently. And this is the only place that I have been able to get a hold of anyone. I placed an order for a 2.0 base station yesterday.. I cannot check the status of said base station because for some reason it decided to use the paypal email that I used for payment for the order. Instead of my Vive email address. And since that email address that they used does not have an account on Vive... It says the order # is wrong or the password is incorrect whenever I try and check the status. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Alllllrighty then nvm! Just realized it sent the order confirmation to the wrong email address... Even tho I used my paypal to pay... I was logged into my HTC account which is another email address.. I figured it would send it to THAT email address since it is the account's email address... But at least I found it.
  3. I am still a little confused.. I never got that email! I can't find an order number because I never got one. And the other option to check on the status involves last 4 of the credit card used. But I used Paypal...
  4. Actually a pretty neat video. Seems like a cool dude. Yeah I saw that. Even tried it with mine. And it just says there are no base stations that need recovering. So no bueno. But I feel that. And it makes sense. But being as yes, these are pretty darn expensive. Maybe having the piece of mind that the product is backed by awesome support and service would help some folks. Especially with the amount of misconceptions a lot of people who haven't tried VR have. Like it being very expensive and not worth it. Which... sometimes can be true. But then again... "worth it" is definitely a case by case.
  5. That was actually going to be another question I was going to throw at ya. I have seen this "fix" floating around. And a lot of people have suggested it to fix the 2.0 stations.
  6. Ahh ok I gotcha. Cool. Well... hope it won't be long. Who should I ask about my order? I am trying to find out the status on the website but am not seeing anything. I want to make sure everything went through. Was definitely charged haha.
  7. Oh and something else. I am kind of nervous to update the firmware on the new sensor when I get it... I have heard of people getting the same issue right after updating the firmware... Have you come across this issue?
  8. Ahh ok. I mean that makes perfect sense. Again I really appreciate the help and the info. But seriously happy that there were sensors even in stock. Especially with what has been going on and with the popularity spike with VR hardware. I actually looked at Ebay first for whatever reason. To see if I could find another sensor there. I guess old habits lol. But I saw the inflated prices on the sensors there and thought ok... The online stores and main retailers must be out. I wonder how long it will take to get it to me. I still have not received a confirmation email... hmmm.. So what do you do if you don't mind me asking? And do you know if they ship from here in the states? I would imagine so? Since they offer 2 day shipping?
  9. Ok thanks for the info! I appreciate it. All though... is this info anywhere in a manual or anything? I tried to make sure I searched online for anything I should know that is not in the manual. I learned that lesson years ago with my first VR headset (cv1). But this is the first time I am seeing or hearing this... It might definitely be a good idea to put this in a manual that comes with them. Or at least easy to find online. My base stations are brand new. They have been used for a total of MAYBE 5 hours. So they should be RMA'ed fairly easy. But I think 5 hours is a little TOO short haha. And these things are definitely NOT cheap.. 200$ a pop! So replacing in case of something like this isn't always easily done. I am fortunate enough to be able to currently. Also good to know that they are VERY fragile. I don't think I did any crazy moving around of the sensors... The other one is fine thankfully. But anyway I digress. Glad I was able to order another one. Speaking of though.. I did not receive a confirmation email with an invoice or anything. Should I have?
  10. Ok cool thank you very much for the fast response! What about this red light issue? Is there any explanation for what is causing this? It seems to be a very common issue.
  11. Hello! I am new to this community! Anyway... I got the red blinking light of death on one of my 2.0 base stations... No misuse or mishandling... Just randomly poof! Started last night when I was trying to use it... Anyway, I would like to find a solution for that issue... But for now... If those are going to bork easy... I may as well get a backup... Are you guys still shipping in the states? I was about to order another base station. But wanted to make sure. I didn't see any warning or anything when checking out.. Thanks guys!
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