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  1. I found the tracking really depends on the lighting of the room, not sure this particular update did much to improve. In the previous patches, sometimes the tracking is really good, you can do nice overlaps (occlusions and two hand holding without much problem) but sometimes is really bad, like going all over the place... it is particularly bad during the day, when sun light is allowed in the room. with the curtain drawn it is a bit better, but still not great. when at night when using in-door lights the tracking performs overall better, but not always. after this update I found it crashed my steam VR a few times, like same issue with some other users. then the tracking becomes really bad, like I couldnt even play half life alyx at all. before it was fine, i manage to complete the game without much issue with version I think. Really hope vive could fix this tracking problem in the future, also I found the online tracking guidance a nice improvement, because it acknowledges the limitation of this particular device. but with that said, it will be nice to have tracking working with a wide range of lighting conditions/setups. Thank you VIVE. I wish not to return this product
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