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  1. Just a quick update, I've made some changes to my play area lighting that have made a huge difference to the controller tracking quality! The biggest difference was swapping out my very warm and very yellow (but still relatively bright) overhead lighting with with cool (as in colour temperature) 1500lumen led lightbulbs. The difference was immediate! Controller tracking is much more stable, I no longer get controllers drifting out into space, and no more dropouts. There's still a bit of jitter, but one should expect that from inside out tracking, and it's certainly much more acceptable now. Thing is, I never really received the "Room is too dark" message very often with the yellow bulb. I suspect the issue here isn't the brightness of the room, but the colour temperature of the lighting. Hopefully this helps someone else having tracking issues.
  2. @TomCgcmfc Yes, you may be right. However I can only find the McClaren version of the Vive Pro in my area, which is AUD$300 more than the Elite (and $700 more than the Cosmos) @Shevron Yep, it's easily the best headset I've tried, comfort wise. Even the controllers feel better than any other VR controller (excluding perhaps the Valve knuckle controllers, which are almost impossible to find in Aus anyway) It's just a shame that they don't actually work 😕
  3. Hi @VibrantNebula thanks for what you're doing for the community! I just want to add my +1 to the sentiments of @Shevron and @Beta_Tester. I'd be much more likely to stick with my recently purchased, but barely working, Cosmos if I had some sort of reassurance that there will be a reasonably priced ET upgrade kit on the horizon. I actually really like the Cosmos HMD, it's comfortable to wear, the screen is nice and even the head tracking is mostly fine. But the software issues and, imo, the completely broken controller tracking make the Cosmos unusable right now. As it stands, I'd be looking at forking out more than AUD$1300 to upgrade my Cosmos system to ET (2 base stations + controllers + faceplate). If this is my only option to get an actual working unit, I'm just going to return the Cosmos to where I bought it and fork out the extra AUD$400 to buy a Cosmos Elite kit instead.
  4. To add a bit more detail to the white screen issue. This seems to only happen during room setup, and only if I am standing inside the previously defined play area boundary. If I move my head outside the boundary area, the video feed returns. This is also the case, even if I clear the stored Environment Data via the Vive Console. @C.T. @stvnxu
  5. Just sent another report. This time, after the controllers were wildly out of sync during gameplay, I reset the env data and entered room setup and the camera image was there but not updating (still image) I was still able to scan the room, and the screen turned white again after that step. @C.T. What's the usual timeframe for getting some sort of resolution? My country is on the brink of lockdown, if I need to return the device, I'll need to do it sooner rather than later.
  6. No problem. I'll have some time to test the controllers tracking issue in a few hours. I'll send a report through when I can reproduce.
  7. Thanks, I just got the white screen during room setup and immediately sent through a report. The process gathered the log information and a popup indicated that the report was submitted, but then the software returned to the "Submit Report" view with the same data still filled out.. No idea if it actually submitted. Are you able to confirm the report was received?
  8. Hi all, I've had the Cosmos for about a week now, and am having some issues with the controller tracking + room setup. The initial setup was mostly fine, and the Headset and Controllers worked okay for the first day or two; not perfect but about what I expected from inside-out tracking. After that, the controller tracking began to drop out frequently, at first they would re-sync after several seconds but that time has taken longer and longer (to the point where it could take several minutes of waving the controllers in front of the HMD to get tracking back.) Often, the only way to get tracking back is to restart everything, and re-do the room setup process. This also seems to be bugged out where around 70% of the time, at some point during the setup process the camera feed from the HMD will cut out and all I can see in the HMD is a white screen with whatever instructions I'm supposed to do. Sometimes moving to a slightly different location will get the camera feed back, but usually it will cut out again before I can finish the setup. The only way to fix this is to restart my machine and try again (sometimes 3-4 times before I can finish the room setup). In the week I've had the Cosmos, I've spent far more time settings it up and troubleshooting than actually playing! Things I've tried to fix the controller dropouts and room setup issues: Installed the Vive beta drivers Reinstalled my nvidia drivers Restarted (Headset, Vive Console, SteamVR, Computer, everything :) Changed lighting conditions: I added a few lamps to increase room lighting at night. But time of day/lighting levels don't seem to affect when these issues occur Disconnected any unnecessary devices from my PC. Only the monitor, keyboard/mouse and Cosmos are plugged in now. System Specs: i5 4590 (stable overclocked) Nvidia GTX1080 16gb USB3 Windows 10 This is all pretty unacceptable for an AU$1300 piece of hardware. If there's no acceptable fix within the week, I'll be taking this garbage back for a refund.
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