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  1. I just solve this... I had some other problems with resolution and blurriness etc...Yesterday I removed steam drivers etc...started all over again and It now works. To help any one with the same problem....I had steam ivry installed because before cosmos I used PS4VR headset. So any how this previous installation was conflicting with drivers and now its ok...
  2. Hi I need to tell that I experienced drivers conflicts with steam ivry because I had my ps4vr installed before cosmos. So yesterday I removed everything.. steam, cosmos drivers etc. Started all over from beginning and in fact image quality got better. Don't ask me how... So for now my experience with cosmos got better. Image not perfect because the sweet spot continues to be small and with a couple of movments in the headset we need to adjust it again. I need to maintain the adjustments of the headset to high in my head.... Periferal vision maintain blurriness but ...but...ok....not that bad now... I was almost selling it 🙂 I will try different games now to test it better.
  3. Hi I'm trying to record some games with my Nvidia Geforce Experience and can´t activate my laptop camera and also can´t activate my cosmos mic. It records fine the video but the mic sound comes from the laptop. I went trough the settings in the geforce experience but in the audio settings there's only the laptop mic as the only choice.... I had ps4vr headset working on this computer .... do you think is something with the drivers or because of the ps4vr ? Do you advise to re-install Steam and HTC cosmos as well?
  4. Unfortunatly the store where I purchased don't return it! And I can't afford to buy another one. After many tests, the best I could manage was to remove the face protectors and place the headset almost on top of my head. This way I can manage to more or less maintain the sweet spot focused. It´s not good but at least I can play. HAd also problems in left speaker...I managed to fix it. It was bad contact in the wire. I hope in a near future we have better headsets in an affordable reasonable price. For me my sincere opinion 830€ for the Cosmos it's realy too much for the quality and funcionality.
  5. HI Again I manage to find a better spot placing the headset a litlle higher. But the propblem persists. Now I have another question! Is there any way to swithc betwen seated position and room scale position without going trough the setup procedure every time? I change from Elite dangerous for another game and need to setup room again?
  6. Bom dia Obrigado pelas respostas. Good morning, Thanks for the answers. Yesterday I went to the process again, trying to adjust it as you advise. I have glasses -1,25 each eye and it's the actual prescription because went to doctor 2 months ago. The glasses fit more or less fine in the headset...here no problem! Despite I could manage to improve a bit the position and image the problem persists. I can tell you that PSVR have a lot more FOV and particularly on the edges we can look for the side panels in Elite Dangerous turning our head less than with the Cosmos. And because of the lack of focus on the edges, we really need to turn our head and look straight in front so that we can read the letters... I was expecting more from a product that costs 830€ Also I suppose that OLED might be better for games like Elite Dangerous, because of the blacks...Correct me if I'm wrong ...The contrast in the blacks is not good in Cosmos... I think I made a mistake choosing LCD over OLED for Elite Dangerous.... Unfortunately almost every headset is out of stock at the moment... I was aiming for the HP Reverb because of its resolution but I read a lot of bad opinions about the difficulty for people using glasses etc... Valve Index have Base stations and I really don't like the idea of placing base stations on my living room... Any Ideas? What Headset should be better for someone that use glasses, have 67mm IPD and mainly play games like Elite Dangerous???
  7. Thanks for the help but I already tried that. Let'me try to explain better: I can manage to focus if I look straight ahead in one small spot. but everything around is blurry....Also I can definitely see those circular effects that we can see on the lenses... I also try by removing the side foams to get a bit close to the lenses. ..When I approach my eyes from the lenses it gets a little better but still too much blurriness no the edges....For me this is just bad lenses or something damaged... I'm very frustrated.... I play Elite Dangerous and It was fine with ps4vr the only problem with ps4vr is the lack of definition but for sure the FOV its a lot superior ...really ...If I could give it back I would...
  8. (Sorry for my English....I'm Portuguese) I was hopping that Cosmos would be Great.... the image would really improve.... and it seems that the definition is good but the lenses....my God! Are horrible! Image is to much distorted on the edges....You have a litle....real litle spot to look in front so that you can see more or less without blurriness I used Ps4vr and even ps4vr is better in lenses quality....Why ? And before any one tell me to take out the protective film on the lenses etc or to adjust my IPD or adjust the position etc etc....I have tryed everything... My IPD it's 68mm Also I fell that the lenses are to far from my eyes. So my FOV is very small....also the PSVR is much better in this mater.... I'm really disappointed! Any one? Any clues? Should I move to another brand? I've spend 830€ for this one... @C.T. @stvnxu
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