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  1. Have to say I'm very disappointed by the price of the upgrade options. I'm afraid HTC are going to price themselves out of the market, like they did with their phones. I might ass well just buy the Elite, index or something else in the first place. If Oculus can fix their tracking - and even move onto hand tracking, then unless the hardware is incapable, the Cosmos should be able to do it. What we need is a trade in scheme - we return our flashy controllers, and the faceplate, for Elite faceplate, 2x controllers and 2x base stations, for £250. The Elite faceplate is £200 here, controllers are > £100 and base stations near to £200 each for (up to date version 2.0), so another £700. Double the cost - don't you see that HTC? You need to get ahead of the game HTC, please don't make me feel i have to return my headset! P.S. ALL accessories are too expensive!
  2. Must admit I feel similar @Kebal - I'm not rich! I think HTC are asking too much money. It's one thing selling the Cosmos for $700, but the face plate costs $199 - £199! Not even any exchange difference here in the UK! But hey, being able to upgrade for Just £200 would be great, but another £250 for controllers and another £250 for base stations. That's another £700 HTC! If you're going to sell the main product for so much, accessories need to be less - way less. How about offering us a recycling scheme - we exchange our face plates and controllers for MUCH MORE REASONABLY priced upgrades. After all, our old equipment will be USELESS to us. YOU create a market for refurbished parts which will stimulate your sales and the accessories market. If you don't do something about cost, you're going to lose out. You did this with your phones and now you're doing it with Vive. I'm enjoying my cosmos - though I have a loud fan AND the tracking STILL isn't quite right. I'm more likely to sell this and buy a new Vive kit - it would cost me less.
  3. Me too. Very annoying in Beat Saber - if you move too fast, or you're doing something to the left or right extremes, and/or involving your arms going down (bott cam), and sometimes the top cam, it's losing tracking completely making some levels impossible to complete. Seems to affect my left controller mainly, but I think that one is also affected by the bright light from the windows. I will be going back a version or 2 (if I can). When the Cosmos works, it's great - but it should be working better than this. Come on HTC!
  4. CrakeJ

    Noisy Fan

    It took ages for me to work out how to record this damn noise! Forgot I could use my phone! Sorry about the banging about - you will hear the noise which is audible when there's no music playing - so in HL:Alyx, it can be really off putting when there's no background sound to cover it :( I'll have to see what HTC say when I contact them. Voice0003[2].aac
  5. CrakeJ

    Noisy Fan

    Couldn't get mic to work today - fixed it now but done gaming until tomorrow when i'll post it.
  6. CrakeJ

    Noisy Fan

    Thanks for sharing that - very useful to hear. How long did it take to get replacement? I''ll make a recording today -very interested to hear people's opinion.
  7. CrakeJ

    Noisy Fan

    I think I will have to contact support. I can hear the fan often - especially when turning my head. As for the speakers, I can't get them to stay on my ears (head to big!) so harder to have enough volume to cover it up. I'll try make a recording of it.
  8. I'm a new user too. I've found that you need to open up the halo more than you think so the back can go a bit lower down on your head. If (like me) you have a larger head(!) you need to make sure the strap that goes over your head has been released and reset enough so that you can do that properly. Losen the strap first, adjust halo, then tighten the strap. Last, I found that if you re-adjust the headset while playing, the nose flaps move, which allows warm air to leak in from your nose. I think this is why it's best to put your face into it like in the manual, otherwise you can get steamed up in no time!
  9. CrakeJ

    Noisy Fan

    Think mine is a bit worse than it's meant to be. Especially when I move my head. Getting into playing more and trying to get 'used' to it, but finding it hard to ignore! Will give it a few more days before I contract support..... I sure aint gonna be giving my headset to them while we're in lock-down though!
  10. CrakeJ

    Noisy Fan

    Depressing - mine sounds much like that :(
  11. CrakeJ

    Noisy Fan

    I got my Cosmos this week - didn't notice the fan on the 1st day, but now, it can be quite irritating! It gets worse when I move my head causing gyroscopic type force on the fan, changing the sound as I go. Is there anything I can do to try fix this myself? @C.T. @stvnxu
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