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  1. Thanks for your help @zzy but I'm guessing my GPU just isn't powerful enough. It is a 1060 after all. My CPU isn't at 100%. Did some profiling of and the only thing taking over 1ms is XR.WaitForGPU > Semaphore.WaitForSignal. It bounces between 9m and 19ms. I'm guessing this is because the frame rate is getting halved to 45 when it can't reach 90.
  2. Sorry, an errant PlayerPref was causing my test scene to capture video. That's now fixed and I've made a new standalone build. I'm now getting 12ms in an empty scene with hand tracking. 5ms without hand tracking. Is this more in line with what I should be seeing? 7ms seems high, but my GPU is on the weaker side. I'm using Unity 2019.3 with a Vive Pro Eye. GestureProvider is set to GPU. When I try using CPU I get an error. Start gesture detection failed: CPUOnPC: GetstureProvider.cs:213
  3. Is anyone else running into performance issues? I'm seeing an additional 30ms / frame when I run hand tracking in an empty scene. My gfx card isn't the best, a 1060. What's strange is the sample project runs at 9ms for me. Maybe the quality settings are lower than what I'm building with? @zzy
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