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  1. If you've been offered a refund for the Cosmos, why wouldn't you just take it? It's clear HTC has no interest in offering an upgrade kit at this time besides the piecemeal one. If I was offered my money back for the Cosmos, I'd take it in a second. I've gone another route with VR but I'm stuck with a Cosmos collecting dust.
  2. Yeah, I asked that question for a few weeks before I gave up. The support staff here is pretty nice and responsive but it's clear that HTC has no interest in supporting customers who were screwed over by the faulty OG Cosmos. The Valve Index wait times are slowly dwindling so I recommend you waitlist for that instead or preorder a HP Reverb G2. Valve Index is a superior headset and the G2 is on track to be great, though, it's also inside-out tracked so it may face similar tracking issues to the Cosmos. This whole ordeal has personally turned me off of inside-out entirely unless it's an Oculus (which I personally won't have in my home due to it being a Facebook product).
  3. For the record, I did do this to try and help my tracking but it ultimately did not help very much at all 😞 I filled my playspace with these and tried various temperatures: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/lifx-mini-day-dusk-a19-smart-wi-fi-led-light-bulb-english/11456458 Ultimately wasn't the silver bullet I hoped for. Hopefully you have better luck.
  4. I looked up the Razer 15 and it appears that it has a Mini DisplayPort. You can use a DisplayPort-to-Mini DisplayPort adapter, according to HTC Support for the Cosmos: https://www.vive.com/us/support/cosmos/category_howto/can-i-use-a-laptop-with-vive.html
  5. Yeah! Based on reviews, it's a frustrating part to begin with but with the tracking failure, it's just not possible, which is too bad. Boneworks is a blast (if a bit of an acquired taste). I can't wait to try it on an externally tracked headset.
  6. Some things that helped us get it to a usable point: Changed our lighting to "warm lights" (2700K LEDs) - the controllers emit a white light so it can apparently blend with your lighting situation if your lights are also white. Hung some art and paintings on the wall. Used painters tape to add tracking points to blank spots on the wall. Added additional lights. After that, we went into the Settings > Troubleshooting and reset the environment and proceeded to do the Room Setup again. After this, we were able to play some Beat Saber, Blade & Sorcery, Half Life: Alyx with some caveats: Cannot take cover in HL:A that involves crouching Parts in HL:A that involved crouching, I would have to squat and ensure that I look up with my head. I was using continuous locomotion. Not sure how I would have teleported with this method though. The odd time me trying to put something over my shoulder in HL:A to put it in my inventory would result in losing tracking and the item would get lobbed away. This was pretty rare. In Beat Saber, difficulties Easy through Hard were mostly okay. Into Expert, notes start being on the far sides of the screen and trying to hit these at the same time would often result in one controller losing tracking and missing the note. Most Expert+ songs are nearly impossible because of the tracking loss. In Blade & Sorcery, all your attacking must be standing–crouching often results in a tracking loss. Get used to using the telepathy to pull weapons to you. Picking weapons off the ground results in a tracking loss. I also attempted to play Boneworks but could only make it about an hour in with this headset. There's a part in the game that involves you lifting and placing a giant yellow plank that is roughly the width of the headset FOV which results in at least one of your controllers being out of sight of the headset cameras so... it's just not possible. I tried for about 30 minutes to pass this part but I would constantly lose tracking while trying to place the plank and just gave up. I downloaded a save file for the game so I could at least mess around in the sandbox, however, a lot of the climbing in the game involves you placing your arms above your head which again results in a loss of tracking. There are times where the headset is fine but with a lot of games you have to learn to work around the tracking and it can be frustrating. Apparently racing sims are great and I'm sure some third person/omnipresent RPG games would be awesome too. The resolution and sound on the headset are fantastic and it's immersive but with the tracking, it's hard to recommend anything first person unless you're prepared to do some weird fixes and be disappointed/frustrated at times.
  7. As a first time buyer, absolutely. This has been a thoroughly irritating experience and I've personally lost all confidence in HTC. I waitlisted for a Valve Index last week and won't look back. It's an 8+ week wait at this point but if I'm going to pay $800 to make my cheaply-built HMD work properly, I might as well cut my losses and spend $1300 to get a top-of-the-line, well-built headset with proper support. I'll try to sell my Cosmos to a friend as an entry-level step in and ensure they understand that a large portion of the games for it would be non-functional. I can't wait to play through Half-Life: Alyx again and actually be able to take cover on objects without losing tracking, haha! I should add that the few HTC staffers who roam these forums are awesome and are doing the best that they can. I additionally had a great chat with someone on their support chat last week, who was also awesome. I feel bad that they're put in this position to try and service a faulty product without any clear direction from higher ups or a clear path to a fix. In light of their layoffs yesterday, I hope that if we lost any of the support team, they find work elsewhere at a company who at least attempts to care about their consumers.
  8. As an OG Cosmos user, that's a hard no. While the software team has improved tracking, it is too flaky depending on individual lighting situations to be worth the money. You're better off getting a working externally tracked solution (Quest or Rift) OR save your money and get the Cosmos Elite or the Valve Index. The Cosmos and Cosmos Elite still have a lot of benefits. The Cosmos only suffers because the tracking cons outweigh the other benefits. If I had the option to upgrade to the Cosmos Elite at a reasonable price, I would definitely do it. My two cents.
  9. I've never been in that situation but have you tried the pairing instructions here: https://www.vive.com/eu/support/cosmos/category_howto/pairing-the-controllers-with-the-headset.html ? Hopefully that helps!
  10. Agreed–I also waitlisted for the Index this morning. The silence is deafening from HTC. Super disappointing.
  11. Bumping this. I noticed in the HTC store today they've added another faceplate which allows you to add the Cosmos native faceplate to the Cosmos Elite or other Cosmos headsets (https://www.vive.com/ca/accessory/motion-faceplate/). In it, they tout that it will provide the "benefit from extra-accurate inside-out tracking". This is an outright lie. The tracking is not good with the Cosmos. While I appreciate the updates that they've made to the software, this is becoming ridiculous. Honestly, at this point, don't believe that HTC have any plans to rectify the situation and truly plan to try and gouge people by getting them to pay an extra $700+ to make external tracking work instead of the actual $200 difference in MSRP between the Cosmos and Cosmos Elite. If they truly planned a fairly priced upgrade path for Cosmos users, they wouldn't be continuing to sell the $250 faceplate. I know I'm only one customer but if HTC doesn't correct this, I'll be selling the Cosmos I bought (at a discount because I'm not an asshole) and continuing to recommend people away from HTC entirely if they're entering the ecosystem. HTC is losing a customer for life and I'm certain I'm not the only one. Owning your mistakes and correcting them is an easy way to earn customer loyalty but fumbling it in the way HTC has is an equally easy way to lose consumer trust. I'll happily jump aboard something like a Valve Index instead of HTC.
  12. Out of curiosity @lamyipming, what kind of lights did you use? We're using all LEDs in our room right now that spit out white light. Willing to switch to something warm but curious if we have to go the incandescent route or if we can go with something like a LIFX Smart Bulb that can switch to warm?
  13. Thanks! I actually tried that on Sunday morning and I think that did it! We've changed our environment and re-done the room setup a few times as we've tweaked lighting and stuff. Could that have caused the issue?
  14. We were playing Beat Saber tonight in our usual play area when in the middle of the song the tracking became tilted. The horizon flipped up about 10 degrees and everything became off kilter. We haven't been able to fix it yet and it's made it nearly impossible to play games without getting nauseous. Here's what we've tried: Reseting the controllers and the HMD Changing the lighting setup (though it worked fine previously and has for weeks) Reseting our room setup Re-installing the Vive software Unfortunately, none of the above have fixed it. We're running the Cosmos wired and our controllers are fully charged. What are our options here? This seemed to happen out of nowhere. We've maybe put 40 hours onto the headset? It's kept up high in a cool location and we haven't dropped or bumped it at all so I'm pretty stumped.
  15. Hopefully someone from the Vive team will respond but there has been a few subtle nods that they've been discussing some sort of more affordable upgrade path for Cosmos adopters struggling with tracking. They had nothing solid to report earlier but I hope they have something more substantial to add soon. I'd really like to see some sort of dialogue opened between the team and us consumers who are less than satisfied with their purchase and feel like the currently announced upgrade path feels like a slap in the face.
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