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  1. I have the same issue with the screen not staying flat against my face after the head strap is in a comfortable position. I also have to raise the back of the head strap up to make the screen align correctly with my face. BUT once I added the wireless adapter it’s a lot better alignment to my face and the halo strap is more comfortable. It could be the shape of my head/face but the wireless adapter adds a 1/2 inch soft foam pad between the upper head strap and your head. It’s at the very back of the strap about 5 inches long. So it raises the back of the strap with out having to super tighten the halo strap and it doesn’t throw off the screen/face alignment because you don’t have to adjust the head strap much. It could just be my head shape but you could try looking up what the foam pad looks like and where it goes and slide something soft underneath the the strap and your head toward the back to see if the helps like it did with my wireless adapter padding.
  2. might want to check in steam vr settings while your game is running to make sure the super sampling does not automatically adjust to 200+ percent like mine was doing. I adjusted the global resolution down to 100 percent because it was at 150 and disabled the supersampling. After than it runs flawlessly with the wireless adapter. In fact I could go back in and adjust the resolution back up it was running so good. If you open the steam vr setting while in your headset and go down to developer then click show gpu graph in headset you can see all the little changes you make in resolution, texture quality, etc in real time. You want the value of the graph to be 10 or less. If you want butter smooth I would shoot for 8 or less. Apparently steam vr detects my setup automatically and assumes I want all the sliders maxed out. So I might would dive through your settings if you already haven’t and see if it’s default is pushing your setup too hard at times.
  3. My Cosmos elite just arrived today. My only other VR setup was the original vive that died not too long ago. So I already had the 1.0 lighthouses set up and the wireless adapter configured. With that being said Setting up the Cosmos elite was not too hard. The difference in the HMD clarity is amazing. I did have a tracking issue with the wand controllers it came with. They were very shaky at times, It turned out to be my CPU running 100% all the time. I have a i7 9700k on a z390-e motherboard, 2 1tb ssd's in raid 0, and a 2080 super so this was a bit alarming. After a few hours trouble shooting, I found moving my wireless adapter to another pcie 1 slot dropped the cpu load to 60-70 % and the tracking is near perfect. I don't think the tracking is a good as the original vive, but it is VERY close. I am very happy with the cosmos elite combo. I am going to assume that with a few updates since this package is new that the tracking will meet or exceed the original vive. I am aware that the resolution is a lot higher and will need more processing power for both the image and the tracking to work correctly. I am sure once a few updates arrive it will run even better! I actually like the halo head strap better than the elastic band on the original. The speakers are amazing coming from ear buds from the original vive setup. I now just need another 21w battery for my wireless setup. I am not sure how long it lasted to be honest because of the trouble shooting I was doing. I honestly got tired of playing and the battery was at 1 dot even after a few hours of on and off again trouble shooting. So all in all I can definitely recommend this for some one wanting a new VR kit with external tracking, especially if they have previous experience with past vive VR setups.
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